ACC Art Exhibition: Chang Yun Min Solo Exhibition

Date & Time:
Location:ACC Market Exhibition Space

Art Exhibition at the Club

“The Many Faces of Chang Yun Min”

From March 22 to April 30

Artist Bio

Chang Yun Min

Chang Yun Ming is a well-known Taiwanese artist. During his early art career, ink painting, has brought him a great reputation and numerous collectors and art lovers. However, he has changed his material for making art owing to getting a different idea to see art. He is exploring the inner spirit and oriental culture rather than the external beauty of the object for his painting, sometimes it’s also revealing childlike and innocent figures with a pure joy. On the other, it is a peak of his art career that exudes his life experience, profoundly knowledge and spiritual beauty. He places it significant of the combination between the texture and line, as well as expressing his art freely and infinity. One of the most important elements of Chang’s art is symbol, which is also like the cell of life for his art. He has found the rhythm and emotion through his innovative sighs.


  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  • Kaohsung Museum of Fine Arts
  • National Taiwan Arts Education Institute
  • National Museum of History
  • The Parliament of Taiwan
  • National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  • Chinese Time News Asia Museum, Texas
  • Private and Foundations

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016 “The Trace of Life” National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
  • 2015 “Between Figures and Spirits” City Cultural Center, Taichung
  • 2012 “Not Flowers” Sun Yan-Sun Memorial hall, Taipei
  • 2010 “Variation and Resonance” Sun Yan-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
  • 2009 “Variation and Resonance” Ming-Shan Art Gallery, Taipei
  • 2008 “Chang Yun-Ming’s Oil Paintings” City Cultural Center, Taichung
  • 2007 “Award Honor Alumnus of National Taiwan Art University”
  • 2005 “Travelling after Impressionism” Paris, France
  • 2004 “2004 Chinese new year Exhibition” Sun Yan-Sen Gallery, Taipei
  • 2003 “Oil Painting Creation” The Cultural Center, Tainan
  • 2001 “The Scenery of Heart” American Cultural Center, Taipei
  • 2000 “A Life Imagination” (Art center of Lindenwood University) St. Louis. Missouri (Chinese Cultural Center) Houston (Asian Cultures Museum) Corpus Christi. Texas, USA
  • 1999 “Chang Yun-Ming’s Ink Color Paintings” Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung
  • 1997 “Love with my Land” Howard Salon, Taipei; “Ink paintings and porcelain” National Fine Art Museum, Taichung; “My World” G- Zen 50 Art Gallery, Kaohsiung; “My World” Circuit Exhibition of Tainan, Chiayi, Pindong, Punfuo
  • 1994 “Chang Yun-Ming’s Ink Paintings,” Hoak Gallery, Taipei
  • 1992 “Face Tradition” Sun Yan-Sen Memorial Hall, Der-Ming Gallery, Taipei; Cultural center, Tainan
  • 1991 “Color Ink painting and Porcelain” Isetan Gallery, Kuala Lumpour; “Ink Paintings and Porcelain” National Fine Art Museum, Taichung; “Ink painting of Taiwan” Yuo-Yi Gallery, Singapore; Art house Gallery, Kuala Lumpour
  • 1989 “Taiwan Figures”, City Hall, Hong Kong; Crown Gallery, Taipei
  • 1988 “Loitering in Mainland China” Crown Gallery, Taipei
  • 1987 “New Chinese Ink Painting”, The Fine Art Museum, Taipei
  • 1986 “In Praise of the Great Earth,” Crown Gallery, Taipei
  • 1982 “Taiwan Landscapes”, Vien Art Gallery, Taipei

Group Exhibitions

  • 2016 “Past Daily Life”, Haohaus Gallery, Taipei; “Art Revolution Taipei”, Taipei
  • 2004 “Chinese calligraphy and Ink painting”, Madrid, Spain
  • 2001 “Taiwan contemporary Chinese painting”, National museum of History, Taipei
  • 2000 “Contemporary art of Taiwan”, Oklahoma State Capitol East and North gallery, Oklahoma city University, USA
  • 1999 “Taiwan contemporary Chinese painting”, Estonia
  • 1998 “Taiwan and Koria contemporary exhibition, National Education Museum, Taipei
  • 1997 “Contemporary Ink Painting From Taiwan” Taipei Gallery, New York, USA
  • 1997 “Contemporary Ink Painting From Taiwan” Taipei News Centre, Paris, France
  • 1955 “Taiwan art show”, Moscow, Russia
  • 1989 “Taiwan Contemporary paintings Exhibition” National Museum of History, Taiwan


  • 2010 Oil painting of Chang Yun-Ming
  • 2008 Oil painting of Chang Yun-Ming
  • 1998 Ink and color paintings of Chang Yun-Ming
  • 1995 Ink and color paintings of Chang Yun-Ming
  • 1994 Ink and color paintings of Chang Yun-Ming
  • 1993 Ink and color paintings of Chang Yun-Ming
  • 1989 Chang Yun-Ming Paintings
  • 1988 Chang Yun-Ming Paintings

Chang Yun Ming 張韻明

國立台灣藝大美術系畢業。USA Lindenwood大學藝術碩士。



張韻明善於應用自然界的符碼,他的用色習慣是水墨概念的延伸,也就是說他的顏色變化原則是「明度」的關係,而不是「調性」的差異,與一些西洋畫家用黑色的方式和技法是大不相同的。他的作品融合了抽象主義與結構主義的精神, 同時具備浪漫主義的人文關照。




  • 1986 皇冠出版社【張韻明水墨畫集】
  • 1989 中國文物世界月刊【張韻明水墨畫】
  • 1989 歐法出版社【張韻明水墨畫】
  • 1990 台南市文化中心【張韻明彩墨及瓷畫】
  • 1994 霍克藝術館【張韻明彩墨集】
  • 1995 高雄市文化中心【張韻明彩墨集】
  • 2007 佛光山香海文化【諸事圓滿】
  • 2008 台中文化中心【張韻明油畫作品集】
  • 2010 台北名山藝術【變奏與共鳴 張韻明油畫創作畫集】

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