Fear and Loathing and COVID-19


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Fear and Loathing and COVID-19

Psychological reflections on anxiety, family, and society in a time of the pandemic

Speaker of the night

Michael Mullahy

From Community Services Center

COVID-19 has wrought unimaginable death and disruption over the last year. Millions have died and billions of lives have been interrupted as the world struggles to contain a fast-spreading, deadly virus. Against this bleak backdrop, a number of morbid symptoms have appeared, from conspiracy theories and mask hysteria to racist violence and political strife.

Meanwhile, thanks to a well-organized government response and a remarkable spirit of solidarity and cooperation, Taiwan has held the virus at bay for 14 months and counting. Here, in the midst of a global pandemic, daily life continues as usual. Yet even in this oasis, few are immune to anxiety. Impatient for the world to re-open, we face endless uncertainty while worrying about loved ones abroad.

With the end of the pandemic in sight, it’s a good time to begin looking back on the last year. The impacts of COVID have been so extensive and so unexpected; how can we make sense of an event of this magnitude? How can we understand the fears and anxieties it has brought up? And what has the pandemic revealed about individuals, families, and societies?



SPEAKER – Michael Mullahy

Michael Mullahy is a licensed counseling psychologist with the Community Services Center in Taipei, where he works with adults and adolescents from Taiwan’s international community. Originally from the United States, Michael has an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s degree from National Taiwan Normal University. He works with a wide range of clinical issues, with special interests in anxiety, trauma, addictions, and sex and sexuality.

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