Gyoson – May Promotion

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May Specials


Main Courses

Kitsune Soba 狐狸蕎麥冷麵 NT$320


Bamboo Shoot Salad 綠竹筍沙拉 NT$200


Seafood Bamboo Shoot Misoyaki 竹筍田樂燒 NT$300



Yamanokotobuki Mango Umeshu 山之壽 芒果梅酒 NT$480/300ml




Ninki-ichi Gold Ninki Junmaidaiginjo 金人氣 純米大吟釀

This is an aromatic, flavorful sake. It is dry but not excessively, with a delicate sweetness and light finish. In order to preserve the fresh flavor, it is carefully pasteurized only once. Recommended to complement sushi and sashimi.


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