Early Childhood Mamas (and Dads!) Sharing Group (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:Miami Room

Join our Early Childhood Mamas (and Dads!) Sharing Group

  • Date: Thursday, September 15, 11 a.m.
  • Location: Miami Room
  • Lead: ACC Member Ms. Valerie Tsai
  • Online Sign-up Sheet click HERE


New!: Hear from these additional ACC Members/Presenters

  • Patrick Ko: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families
  • Cindy Teeters: Individual and group (Mama’s support group) Therapy
  • Jessica Lee: Meditation classes for parents
  • Michael from ACC Fitness Center: Sports classes for the younger kids!


We are having a new Members’ Group – Early Childhood Mamas (and Dads!) Sharing Group! Below is something that the Lead of the group, ACC Member Ms. Valerie Tsai, would like to share with you!



As a mother of two young children (Toby is 6 and Kinsley is 1 year old), I’ve learned how important it is to have a group of fellow moms (and dads!) to connect with –  over raising children.  I wanted to create a new group here at the American Club Taipei, “Early Childhood Mamas (and Dads!),” as a platform for all of us with young ones to connect, share tips, laugh about experiences and create lasting memories for our families.  I also wanted to create this platform to bring a variety of classes and experiences for the kids, such as Music, Art, Yoga, and a series of classes specifically for parents to learn a variety of tools to help us raise our young children (based on the latest research).  I created a similar group in San Francisco while I lived there and would like to bring the same experience here to Taipei.  Especially as an expat here in Taipei, trying to navigate a new city while raising little ones can be quite difficult, but I hope that this group can make the experience easier and more fun!


Join us for coffee/tea & snacks on September 15. We will have more information on the kids’ classes, discuss the best times/locations for offering the classes, future events, and more!


Please sign up at the Nursery.


Valerie Tsai



  • Early Childhood Matters (virtual workshops):

Based in the Bay Area, Early Childhood Matters was founded by director Rebecca Walsh in 2010 as a way to connect with parents and share her knowledge from over twenty years’ professional experience in early childhood education.

Rebecca’s goal is to create this “village” for families parenting young children.  She seeks to help parents understand where challenging child behavior comes from, and to have strategies to call upon when you need them most.

Workshops would be conducted virtually (Taiwan daytime hours) and the topics offered include (depending on number of interested parties)

Parenting through the toddler years: Intro and series

– Your willful preschooler: intro and series

– Parenting positive sibling relationship series (for those with grade school children)

Valerie has taken her series workshop in the past and she is great – highly recommended!  She still uses the tools she learned from Rebecca to this day.  Feel free to ask her about her experience.

  • Sylvia Art class:

Sylvia has a teaching degree and a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the National Taiwan University of Arts. She specializes in color pencil drawing, oil paintings, Chinese painting and teaching children art.  She can teach all ages from 8 months to 82 years old!

  • Music Together Sandiano

Music Together Sandiano is proud to teach the Music Together curriculum, which includes an award-winning mix of original songs and traditional tunes from a range of musical styles, including folk, blues, jazz, and world music. The music is pitched just right for children’s voices, and the arrangements are fun, sophisticated, and loved by children—and grownups! The combination gives the children a rich music experience, and makes this kids’ music enjoyable for adult listening, too!

Sandy Yang, Director/Owner

Certification Level I. Music Together® Teacher. Sandy is an Early Childhood Music Educator with a BA in Piano Performance at the Boston Conservatory, MA in early childhood music education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, New York City, and MA in Arts Administration at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Sandy grew up playing the piano and violin, as well as singing and dancing. She took her Music Together Teacher Training in New York City with co-founder Lili in 2003. And began her teaching journey as a teacher in Shanghai in 2011 and now, with her two children Madison and Hudson, she enjoys the program even more as a parent. Besides music, Sandy also enjoys oil painting and yoga.

Ms. Sandy has been teaching since 2011.

  • Playdates with fellow families

Weekly or bi-monthly playdates at a variety of locations to meet other families and kids.

  • Storytime at ACC

Starting July 26, Every Tuesday Storytime in the Library 11 – 11:30 a.m. & 4 – 4:30 p.m., where kids can listen to a variety of stories in English!  Join us for a fun time.

  • Mom & Baby/toddler Yoga
  • Flower arrangement/Ikebana classes

Learn the art of Ikebana flower arrangement with an Ikebana expert!