2022 Christmas Angel Tree (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:ACC Lobby


2022 Christmas Angel Tree

Be A Christmas Angel and Bring Joy to A Child in Need

November 8 ~ December 5

Bring some joy this holiday season to children of new immigrant families experiencing economic hardship here in Taiwan. Since 1980, The Taipei American School Orphanage Club has partnered with the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Taipei to fulfill the Christmas wishes of hundreds of these children with the support from the community.

We are once again pleased to be invited to join the efforts with TAS this year in bringing hope and smiles to these children this year. Please join us spread the love and joy this holiday season.

On Monday, November 7, an Angel Tree with gift requests will be placed in the lobby.  If you would like to help by giving a gift to a child, the procedure is listed below.


How to be a Christmas Angel?

Step 1 – Choose an Angel Card with the requested gift from the Angel Tree located in the lobby

Step 2 – Scan the QR code on the back of the Angel Card 

Step 3 – Fill-in your Email/Membership Number/Name/Angel’s Gift Number

Step 4 – Purchase the requested gift and hand it in “unwrapped” together with the Angel Card to the Front Desk by Wednesday, December 5!

Step 5 – If you would like to volunteer on Saturday, December 24, and help the Orphanage Club to distribute gifts to children at the Pearl S. Buck Foundation,   please tick the box in the Google form to indicate your available time slot- 

  • 15:00-16:00 (2 spots)
  • 16:00-17:00 (2 spots)




For more information, please contact Marcom staff at (02)2885-8260 x 458
or email to marcom@americanclub.org.tw



Where to purchase the Bookstore Vouchers? 


Tien Chiao Shih 墊腳石書局

The availability of vouchers varies in the Tien Chiao Shih Bookstores. Please click here to confirm status at their store locations.


Eslite Bookstore 誠品書店

The availability of vouchers varies in the Eslite Bookstores. Please click here here to confirm status at their store locations.

Please Note:

Voucher Packages cost NT$1,000 each with each package containing 10-NT$100 vouchers. (NOTE: The NT$100 vouchers cannot be purchased individually)