Kid’s Gingerbread House Decoration Workshop (Two Sessions) (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:California Room
Cost:Member NT$ 750 [3-10 y.o.]
Guest NT$ 950 [3-10 y.o.]
Booking Starts:Wed, Oct 18, 2023, 00:00
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

(There are total TWO sessions, please select your preference below in the dropdown menu)

Ho Ho Ho! The holiday season is here, and we have a special treat for all the ACC Members! Join us and step into a world of sugary delights and creativity as we host a Gingerbread House Workshop designed especially for children! Our expert chef will be there to guide the little chefs through the enchanting process of making their very own gingerbread houses. From rolling out the dough to decorating with colorful candies and frosting, it’s a hands-on experience they’ll cherish forever!

(Please note that if Members’ seats are fully booked, we regret seating for Guests will not be available.)

Important Notice:

Please be considerate of others and reserve the only session that you’ll attend. Reserving multiple sessions can deprive others of the opportunity to participate.


This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

Sign up deadline is 3 days before the event day. Cancel before 4:30 pm, November 22 to avoid 100% cancellation fee.

For more information, please contact Events at 02 2885-8260 ext.478 or email to events

We regret to inform you that this event has expired. If you have any questions, please contact the event owner listed above.