2024 Earth Month Activities

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Slow in Spring

Slow Food Movement was first initiated in 1989 in Italy. It started out to protect traditions and cultures via food. However, it’s become a global movement. The spirits at its core are good, clean and fair with an emphasis on the connections between food, people and culture. The aim is to produce good, clean and fair food with eco-friendly and sustainable approaches.

Slow Food Essentials:

  • The importance of local, seasonal and traditional ingredients
  • Support small-scale farmers and producers
  • Preserving biodiversity (aboriginal farming of respecting the land and animals), and stop the spread of monocultures and intensive farming
  • Mindful Eating- savor and appreciate the taste and quality of food
  • Sustainable agricultural practices

This year, we are partnering Slow Food Taitung, which was initially launched through its “Farm to Table” project in 2012 by the Taitung government. Since then, the movement has built bridges between farmers and chefs. They then have formed a great slow food network in Taitung. Supported by this strong network, Taitung Slow Food Festival was established in 2017 and has hosted many gastronomic events. The knowledge of local Taitung ingredients is explored to preserve cultural heritage and to pass on the food knowledge. ACC will be the extension part of the Slow Food Taitung this year to bring the food, and the experience to our Members here right at home!


Here are the highlights you should check out in the month of April around the Club!

  • Slow in Spring display in the lobby- Learn more about the Slow Food Taitung and what it is about. Put into practice in your daily life!
  • Slow Food Market – featuring 20+ Taitung local products produced with Slow Food concept in mind. Come check them out! It’s good for you and the environment.

  • Slow Food Izakaya @ GyosonONE-DAY-ONLY event on April 20 (Member Appreciation Party). Our Chef Bruce will use Taitung local ingredients to design a festive Izakaya to embrace the theme and provide a brand new experience at Gyoson.


More specials around the Club during Earth Month:

Sip Sustainably, Toast Organically!

Featuring Cocktail with Aboriginal Millet Wine as base from ‘雨沐小米’

Harmony on the Plate!

Healthy Spring recipes and drinks from all locally-sourced ingredients

Meatless Monday!

Exciting Meatless dishes with newly introduced Crispy Fried Zucchini


Arbor Day Tree Planting

Saturday, March 16

9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


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