Gyoson – Okinawan Cuisine (Expired)

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Hair Seaweed with Octopus


Hair seaweed is primarily produced in Okinawan coral reefs. Rich in fiber, highly nutritious, low in calories, it bears the title of longevity seaweed. With a smooth texture, it is often used for cold salads or in soups.

Stir-fried Bitter Gourd with Tofu


Bitter gourd is Okinawa’s most representative vegetable, and its stir-frying method reflects a fusion with Chinese culture. Adding eggs and tofu, it is a must-try specialty dish when visiting Okinawa.

Deep-fried Purple Sweet Potato


The Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato, rich in anthocyanins and various vitamins. Its vibrant color serves as a natural pigment for creating a variety of dishes, making it popular among the masses.

– Okinawan Spirits –

Awamori Zanpa White

殘波 泡盛



Awamori is a traditional liquor that comes from Okinawa. Its history goes back to cultural exchanges in the 15th century. It’s made mainly from Thai rice, going through a process of fermentation and distillation. This Awamori has a unique taste, and carries sweet fruity and rice aromas.