Weekly Specials – March and April (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:The Terrace

March 4~10

Fish of the Day NT$ 430

Pan-fried halibut with white wine cream sauce; accompanied with vegetable ragout.


Sautéed Pork Neck with Black Sesame Oil NT$460

Sautéed pork neck with ginger, cabbage, rice wine and black sesame oil; accompanied with white rice


Chicken Reshmi Kabab NT$460

Chicken breast marinated in spices, almond, coriander leaves and yogurt;

accompanied with dal navaratan, homemade naan, tandoori salad and mint chutney


Chicken and Vegetables Salad NT$420

Chicken, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, ginger, Chinese wolfberry, broccoli, sweet potatoes, pearl barley, beans, raspberry and almonds; accompanied with sesame dressing