Gyoson/Rendezvous – Sentinelles Oysters Are Back!

Date & Time:

Meets the Exquisite Tastes of Sentinelles Oyster


Venue:            Gyoson / Rendezvous

Period:            Every Saturday and Sunday


Our Sentinelle Oysters —cultivated in the French tradition, and nourished by the riches of the Irish Seas.

Enjoy subtle hazelnut-almond notes, a lingering iodine finish, and a delightful contrast of pearly shell and fleshy crunch with dark mantle edges.


A gourmet’s must-try, embodying the spirit of the Irish Seas. Dive into the flavor every Weekend!”

One piece $199

Two pieces $398   $388

Six pieces $1050   $988


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This event does count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount