Paperless Billing is coming Q4 2024!


We are pleased to announce that the Club will transition to a paperless billing process for Memberships this year. This has been a regular request in recent Membership surveys, and also follows the Club’s commitment to work according to the United Nations guidance of Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Transitioning to a paperless process offers numerous advantages, including reducing our environmental impact by saving trees and decreasing waste, increasing efficiency through quicker and more reliable delivery of billing documents, and enhancing convenience for our Members by providing easy digital access to records. This move also aligns with our broader commitment to sustainability and modernizing our services to better meet your needs.

Once this transition has been made, your monthly billing documents (billing statements, 對帳單, and transaction GUIs, 統一發票) will be delivered by email as PDF files.

  • Monthly billing statements will be delivered by email as a PDF file.
  • For VAT-registered membership, your GUIs with VAT registration number (統一編號) will also be generated as a PDF file and delivered by email.
  • If you have a non-VAT-registered Membership, we recommend you to provide us with your personal barcode carrier (手機條碼載具) which will enable us to deliver your GUIs directly to your personal GUI app instead of by email. If you choose to use your personal carrier for GUI delivery you will only receive your monthly billing statement by email. However, if you do not have a personal carrier, we will use your email address as the defaulted carrier (會員載具), and you will receive both monthly billing statement and GUIs by email as PDF files.

Summary of Paperless Billing Delivery options:

Before we transition to paperless billing there are some preparations to be made, and we may need to collect some additional information from you.

Next Steps (Action Required)

  • We welcome non-VAT-registered Members to present your personal barcode carrier (手機條碼載具) at the Front Desk, which we will scan and add to your Membership record for later Paperless Billing.
  • Please also look out for a personalized email communication which will confirm the email address we have on file for you and provide you with the option to choose a different email address for delivery of your billing documents (or provide an additional “cc” email address for also receiving these documents).
  • If you wish you can go ahead and provide us with your paperless billing email address preferences now using the link or QR code below:

submit your paperless billing email preferences

Please note that we are currently in the preparation stage, and activation of paperless billing is planned for the last quarter of 2024. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this process, please note: