Sigis Special Dinner – Unlock the Essence of Bordeaux (Expired)

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Cost:For Prix Fixe:
NT$1,800+10% per person (Member)
NT$2,000+10% per person (Guest)
Booking Starts:Mon, May 13, 2024, 00:00
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Unlock the Essence of Bordeaux

A Gastronomic Journey with Château Chasse-Spleen


Join us at Sigis Italian Restaurant for an unforgettable wine dinner event featuring the renowned Château Chasse-Spleen. Indulge in an evening of exquisite flavors paired with carefully selected wines from this esteemed Bordeaux estate. We have curated a selection of exceptional vintages, including:

  • BLANC de CHASSE SPLEEN Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2021
  • CHATEAU de CAMENSAC Haut-Médoc 2016
  • CHATEAU CHASSE-SPLEEN Moulis-en-Médoc 2014
  • CHATEAU CHASSE-SPLEEN Moulis-en-Médoc 2019

Event Details:

  • Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2024
  • Welcome Drinks: 6 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Dining: 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
  • Prix Fixe: NT$1,800+10% per person (Member)

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Special Guest: We are delighted to announce that the winery owner, Madam Celine Villars-Foubet, will join this event. Reserve your seat now for an evening of gastronomic delight and unparalleled wine appreciation. We look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event.



  • BLANC DE CHASSE SPLEEN Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2021

A delightful white wine originating from the renowned Bordeaux region in France. As a “Blanc Sec,” or dry white, this wine typically offers a crisp and refreshing profile, perfect for pairing with a variety of dishes or enjoying on its own.

This wine is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the elegance and complexity of Bordeaux whites, offering both accessibility and sophistication in every sip. Whether enjoyed as an apéritif or paired with seafood, poultry, or fresh salads, Blanc de Chasse Spleen Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2021 is sure to elevate any dining experience.






  • CHATEAU DE CAMENSAC Haut-Médoc 2016

A distinguished red wine hailing from the Haut-Médoc appellation within the Bordeaux region of France. This wine is crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, reflecting the rich winemaking heritage of the area.

As a product of the exceptional 2016 vintage, Château de Camensac is likely to showcase the best characteristics of the aging potential.





  • CHATEAU CHASSE-SPLEEN Moulis-en-Médoc 2014

The 2014 vintage in Bordeaux was characterized by a cooler growing season, which resulted in wines with elegance, freshness, and good aging potential. Château Chasse-Spleen capitalized on these conditions to produce a wine that showcases the unique terroir of Moulis-en-Médoc.

Primarily composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a smaller percentage of Petit Verdot grapes, Château Chasse-Spleen 2014 offers a harmonious blend of fruit, structure, and complexity. Upon tasting, one can expect to encounter flavors of dark berries, plum, cedar, and hints of tobacco, all framed by fine-grained tannins.





  • CHATEAU CHASSE-SPLEEN Moulis-en-Médoc 2019

In terms of tasting notes, one might anticipate flavors of dark berries, blackcurrant, cedar, and subtle hints of spice. The wine is likely to have a medium to full body, with refined tannins and a lingering finish.

Château Chasse-Spleen Moulis-en-Médoc 2019 would likely pair well with a variety of dishes, from grilled meats to hearty stews, thanks to its robust character and elegant profile. Overall, it’s a wine that embodies the character and tradition of Bordeaux winemaking, and the 2019 vintage is likely to continue that legacy.






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We regret to inform you that this event has expired. If you have any questions, please contact the event owner listed above.