Benjamin Kuentz French Single Malt Whiskey Tasting Class (Expired)

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Booking Starts:Mon, Jun 17, 2024, 09:00

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Whiskey Tasting with the Maison Benjamin Kuentz Collection



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Join Us for an Exquisite Whiskey Flight Tasting Event: The Maison Benjamin Kuentz Collection

Indulge in a sophisticated whiskey-tasting experience featuring the unique and carefully crafted single malts from the Maison Benjamin Kuentz collection.


Single Malt Whisky – Vegetal Musette

Explore the distinct and aromatic Vegetal Musette, a whisky that brings a vibrant and green complexity to your palate.




Single Malt Whisky – Spicy Nouba

Ignite your senses with Spicy Nouba, a whisky that delivers a bold and vibrant spicy profile, perfect for those who crave intensity.




Single Malt Whisky – Eye of Dragon

Experience the exceptional limited Eye of Dragon. Abundant, creamy, fruity Master Blender Benjamin Kuentz chose to create a unique Single Cask tailor-made for Taiwan in the Year of the Dragon, which is full of blessings and sacred meanings.








Single Malt Whisky – Aveux Gourmands

Savor the richness of Aveux Gourmands, like a confession on the tip of your tongue, delivering a delightful, indulgent taste.





Single Malt Whisky – (D’un) Verre Printanier

Delight in the fresh, supple, and surprisingly fine notes of (D’un) Verre Printanier, a perfect reflection of springtime in a glass.





Single Malt Whisky – Fin de Partie

End your evening on a high note with Fin de Partie, sharing gourmet notes with a peppery touch that makes your evening endless.





Join us for this unique opportunity to explore and enjoy these exquisite whiskies.





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We regret to inform you that this event has expired. If you have any questions, please contact the event owner listed above.