ACC Website – Option to Stay Logged In (Expired)

We have made a change to the ACC website login page giving you the option of staying logged in for “This session only“, or “For 1 week“. Choosing the default option of “This session only” will log you out when all browser windows of current session are closed on a computer, or after the session expires on your mobile device (typically within around 2 hours of no use).

Please note that this setting is per device.

If you are using a shared computer we recommend the default “This session only” choice, but you should also always manually log out anyway. However, on your mobile device, or own computer you might prefer the convenience of staying logged in for a week – which means you will remain logged in on that device even if the browser is shut down.

This is how the login screen now looks, with the new part highlighted in red:

To get to the login page use the following buttons:

Login button on full size computer browser (top right of ACC Home Page screen):

Login icon on mobile device (icon to the left of blue Facebook button):

You can log out manually at any time.


Log out on full size browser:


Log out on mobile device: