Changing Text Size on Your ACC Newsletter

Would you prefer a larger text when reading our weekly newsletter and other communications? You can usually achieve this easily by using the “Zoom” function that is now built into most computer devices and software. This enables you to make the text size larger or smaller on your screen as required.

Using ‘Zoom’ to Change Text Size

The exact method will vary according to the type of device and software you are using – and each device will probably have several different ways to achieve the same result – but here are some common methods:

  • On PCs you can usually hold down the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse at the same time to change text size up and down.
  • On a Mac the approach is similar – holding down the Cmd key and pressing the ‘+’ (plus) or ‘-‘ (minus) buttons should increase and decrease the size. You can also use a “pinch” method on the touchpad of Mac notebooks (similar to the approach used on mobile and tablet touchscreens).
  • On mobile devices and tablets it is often simply a case of using the touchscreen’s “pinch” function. Place 2 fingers on the screen and move them apart or closer together to expand or contract the text size.
  • On PC software there is also often a ‘Zoom’ feature on the menu and/or toolbar at the top of the page. Here is what this looks like on Outlook 2012:


Clicking on this Zoom buttons like this will usually display a dialog box such as this one where you can then choose the amount of zoom you want to use, or  return to the default text size (100%):


These zooming features can also be used for all pages of the ACC website.