Cook At Home Kits


During staycation at home, it’s a good time to make a ‘self-evolution’!

Then, why not cook like a pro?

Been racking your brain trying to come up with new dishes every mealtime?

Agonize no longer!

Our Culinary Team prepares a variety of delectable meal kits (2 servings per kit) for you to just cook and serve in your own kitchen – kits include all fresh food ingredients and a simple easy-to-follow recipe.

You may choose the DIY kits from Sigis, The Terrace, Gyoson and ACC Market. Take this opportunity to become a master chef and enjoy the valuable bonding time cooking at home with the children!

Orders accepted starting Thursday, July 1st.

Please place your order by calling the specific outlet directly.

Please note: orders must be placed 2 days in advance – to allow for preparation; and it is suggested that once received, prepare and consume within 2 days.