Online Booking For Club Events


From January 5 many of our Club events will be bookable online using the ACC website.

How do I make an online booking for an event?

You must first have a valid ACC website login. Each full active ACC Membership can have 2 logins: one for the Primary Member and one for his/her Spouse. If you do not yet have your login please contact the Member Services Desk who will email you a ‘new login’ invitation. You will need to have a valid email address on file for us to be able to do this. You will know when an event offers online booking by the presence of the new “BOOKING” button at the top of the event page.

Online Booking Button

Clicking on that BOOKING button will take you to the new booking section lower down on the page. This section first provides some further information about the event, and then enables you to choose and book the number of places you want.

Make a Booking - Heading and Places Highlighted

Event Booking is a 3-STAGE Process:

STEP 1: Book the number of places you want – this is the step that books you on to the event.
Completion of Step 1 means your booking is made, and that you are committed to attending the event and being billed for the cost, unless cancelled prior to the cancellation cut-off point. Steps 2 and 3 simply help us to gather information about your attendees:
STEP 2: Fill in details of your attendees.
STEP 3 (COMPLETE): Save your booking as ‘Complete’ so that we know you are done.

Automatic Booking Notifications:

As you proceed through the booking stages you will receive automated confirmations by email and/or SMS (according to the preferences you have chosen for this). You will also receive an automatic reminder about your booking approximately 96 hours ahead of the event.
Keeping track of your family’s ACC bookings
All upcoming bookings that have been made by your family – both events and fitness classes, and (in the future) racquet court bookings and dining reservations too – will be listed in your ‘CURRENT BOOKINGS’ section. You will find this on your ‘Account Dashboard’ page, and also on certain booking-related pages throughout the site. Note that this list also shows which bookings are fully completed, and which are still in progress. These are clickable links that will take you directly back to your booking.

Do I always now have to make my own bookings?

No, we will always be happy to take your booking in person at the Member Services Desk, or over the phone if you prefer. However, we encourage you to try making your own bookings, as we hope you will find this both convenient and easy. Various resources will be available to help you learn how to make bookings, and our staff can help you through the process where necessary.
Regardless of whether you make the booking yourself, or ask staff to make the booking for you, your booking will be made on the same booking system. This means you will be able to enjoy the benefits of automated booking notifications, and the ‘Current Bookings’ list feature on the website regardless of how the booking is made.

Will Any Events Not Offer Online Booking?

Please note that for the time being sports events and events that are run jointly with other organizations will continue to use sign-up sheets (no online booking option for these events). If in doubt, please check with the Member Services Desk.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For further information please refer to the online event booking help page, or ask at the Member Services Desk and we will be happy to provide assistance.


We hope you find our new online event booking system convenient and easy to use. If you have any suggestions about how to make it better, or any other feedback at all about the booking process, please do not hesitate to let us know on