Status Report: Playground and Toddlers’ Room

The Club has completed the corrective work as directed by the government and has submitted the required documentation for approval. We hope to receive permission to reopen both the Playground and Toddlers’ Room next week. We will advise parents by email as soon as we get the go ahead.

Several parents have already commented on how much equipment has been removed from the Playground and how old, tired and forlorn the remaining pieces look. Codes have changed since the original Playground was installed, particularly those governing the amount of space required between individual pieces of equipment and between equipment and walls and fences. Our short-term objective has been to comply with the current regulations and to reopen the playground as quickly as possible.

While this interim solution is in place, Management and the House Committee are getting proposals for a custom-designed playground to fit our small and irregularly shaped space. The Board is preparing for an expedited approval of this expenditure once the design and costs have been finalized and recommended by House. We will write to parents once the project has been approved and will provide an estimated date of completion then.

On behalf of the Board of Governors

David Brightling
General Manager