Buddy List Help

What is My Buddy List?

Your Buddy List is a list of other (non-family) ACC Members with whom you have established a “Buddy” connection. Having a Buddy a connection with another Member enables you to add that Member to certain types of your own bookings (currently racquet court bookings and dining reservations).

Where Can I Find My Buddy List?

Your Buddy List page is accessed via the Account Dashboard page. Once logged in click on the “My Account” link (top right of the page if viewing on a computer-sized device):


Then look for the “Buddy List” menu item on that page:


What is the Buddy List For?

You will see these Buddy names in dropdown lists where you can select “additional named” attendees to your bookings. Note that you cannot make a main booking on behalf of that other Member – you will simply be adding them as additional interested persons in a booknig being made for you, or one of your own family members.

When included on your booking your Buddy will see your booking on his/her own ACC bookings list, and also receive automated notifications about the booking. An example of where you might want to do this is where you regularly play tennis with other another Member and want him/her to have the convenience of reminders etc. regarding court bookings where you plan to play together.

What Happens When One of My Buddies Includes Me as an Additional Person On His/Her Booking?

Being included as a “Buddy” on someone else’s booking is a convenience only and carries with it no responsibilities towards that particular booking. You will see that booking on your own list of ACC bookings, and will receive notifications (confirmations and reminders) relating to that booking.

How is a Buddy Connection Established?

If Member 1 and Member 2 wish to set up a Buddy connection Member 1 must make a Buddy Connection Request to Member 2, and Member 2 must accept that request. To make a request, go to your Buddy List page (accessed from link on your Account Dashboard page), enter the email address your friend has registered on the ACC website in the “Buddy’s Email Address” box and click on “ADD BUDDY TO LIST”. This will send a new Buddy connection invitation email to your friend with instructions on how to confirm you as a Buddy. Until your friend accepts the request his/her name will be listed in your “Pending Requests” list. If you wish you can also cancel any pending request.

Accepting a Buddy Connection Request

To create a a Buddy Connection request your friend must first know the email address you have registered on the ACC website. Using that email address he/she can create a connection request which will trigger an invitation email to be sent to you. That email will have instruction on how to go to your own Buddy List page and confirm or decline the request. If you choose to accept your friend’s name will be added to your Buddy List and yours will be added to his/hers.

Deleting an Existing Buddy Connection

At any time you can terminate a Buddy connection by going to your own Buddy List page and clicking the “REMOVE BUDDY” next to the correct name. This will remove your name from the other Member’s Buddy List, and also his/her name from your list. No notification will be sent to the other Member when you do this.