eComment Help

To create a new eComment:

Click on either the “eC” icon on the page header, or click on one of the “Provide a Comment” links:


Entering your eComment:

  1. Date of Observation and Time of Observation are defaulted to the current time on your device, but you can change these as needed.
  2. Select a Facility / Service (can be left blank if none of the listed items are applicable).
  3. Enter the details of your feedback in the Description box.
  4. If you would like a response please check the “I would like a response” option.
  5. You can also attach one or more files – the exact capabilities of this option will depend on your device.
  6. If uploading high definition video please keep video length to within 10 seconds.
  7. Please also note that after attached files have been reviewed by the management team these will be removed from your comment.

What happens after my eComment is submitted?

  • If you did not check the “I would like a response” option you should receive an immediate automated confirmation by email.
  • If you did not check the “I would like a response” option you will not receive an immediate automated confirmation email, and instead you will receive a personal response from the management team once we have reviewed your feedback. This response will be provided to you via the eComments system, and you will be notified by email when this has been done.

Can I review my previous eComments?

  • Yes, all your previous eComments can be reviewed bu going to your “My Comments” page:

  • Please note that although all eComments are retained, and remain accessible, within the eComments system, any attached files are removed by the management team after the content has been reviewed.

How can I see the management responses to my eComments?

  • When you click into an existing saved eComment you will see a history of the conversation that has taken place with the management team. Your original comment will be at the top of the page, and responses will be listed below, with the most recent one at the top of the response list.

Can I add further responses to my own Comments?

  • Yes, when you open an existing eComment in your My Comments list you can add a further response at the bottom:
  • Enter your reply, and click on REPLY.

What happens if I provide my feedback to staff by another method?

  • The feedback received via written Comment Cards will be added for you to the eComments system, so you will receive an email confirmation for these in due course.
  • Feedback provided by other methods (by phone, face to face, by email etc.) will also be added to the eComments system if you agree to this.