Guest Registration Help

The required items for a Guest Registration are:

  • Date of Visit (and Expected Arrival Time)
  • Number of Guests / Personal Employees (must be at least 1)
  • Check the declaration statement

How to Register a Guest or Personal Employee

A new registration is created by clicking this button:


The Guest Registration entry page looks like this:

Registration Entry Procedure:

  1. Select the date and expected arrival time of your Guest / Personal Employee visit. For convenience you can click “Now” to enter the current time if required.
  2. Select number of Adult Guests, Child Guests, Personal Employees and/or “Child with consent form”.
  3. Check the COVID-19 related declaration checkbox.
  4. The “SUBMIT GUEST REGISTRATION” button will not become enabled until all 3 steps above have been done.
  5. Note that total number of Guests + Personal Employees is currently limited to 4. However, the number of “Child with consent form” (i.e. children from your own family) is not restricted.
  6. Please remember that your registration has not been made until you click the “SUBMIT GUEST REGISTRATION” button at the bottom of the page (after which you will receive a confirmation email/SMS if you have chosen to receive notifications from the ACC website).

Collecting Entry Cards for Your Guest / Personal Employees

  • Once your registration is in the system you can simply approach the Security team at the Front Desk and request them to issue a card for each registered Guest /Personal Employee.
  • Please note that entry cards are not issued for Child Guests.
  • Each Guest/Personal Employee can then use his/her own card to access the Club in the usual way by swiping the card at the Lobby Barrier.
  • Guest/Personal Employee cards are issued for one “entry and exit” only. On exit these cards must be returned to the allocated card-collection slot on the barriers instead of being swiped. When card is accepted in the slot the barrier doors will open.

Can I Register Guests on behalf of my Husband / Wife / Child?

No, Guest Registration can be done for the logged-in Member only, and registrations are visible only to the specific person who registered the guest. This is restriction is necessary to respect individual privacy.

How can my Children Register their Guests (they do not have website logins)?

Only Primary and Spouse Members have logins for the ACC website, however any Dependent Child in your family who has his/her own “RFID”-enabled Club access Membership Card (i.e. children aged 12 through 27 years old) can use one of the dedicated Guest Registration PCs at the Front Desk of the Club to register Guests. This can be done at time of arrival with their Guests if necessary. Logging in at those PCs simply requires a valid access card to be placed on to the card reader at the PC.

Can I Register Guests in advance?

Yes, registrations can be entered up to 3 weeks in advance.

Do I have to register here on the ACC website?

No, there are also 2 dedicated Guest Registration PCs located at the Front Desk of the Club.

What happens after I submit my Registration?

If your account is configured to receive notifications by email and/or SMS you should receive a notification of a successful registration immediately. This enables you to be sure your registration has been received. Nothing further needs to be done until the date of your Guest visit. When you arrive with your Guests at the Front Desk, staff will issue cards for each of your Guests and/or Personal Employees.

Cards issued to Guests and Personal Employees will enable one-time entry to the Club, and on exit these cards will need to be fed into the card collection slots on the exit-side of the barriers.


Can I Edit or Cancel a Registration?

Yes, you can return to a registration and either change it or delete it at any time up until one or more access cards has been issued. After any change is submitted, or the registration is cancelled, you will receive a further notification by email/SMS.

Lost, Damaged and Non-Returned Cards

Please note that all cards issued to Guests and Personal Employees are the responsibility of the Host Member (Member who made the Guest/Personal Employee Registration). A check will be carried out at the end of each day and any cards that have not been returned, or have been returned in a damaged state, will be charged to the Host Member’s account at a cost of NT$300 per card.