Library Help


ACC Online Library Features At a Glance:

General Features

  1. Search or browse ACC’s book catalog.
  2. View details of a particular title.
  3. Check the status of an item (available or checked-out).
  4. Find the shelf location and ACC ID of the item.
  5. Hot Library Items list.

Logged-In Member-Only Features

  1. Track the items checked-out to your family.
  2. Receive reminders by email and/or SMS before and on item Due dates.
  3. Renew items online.

These features are described in detail below. If you do not find the answer to your query please call the ACC Library on (02) 28858260 ext. 32.

Please note that page illustrations shown below indicate how the features will look on a full-sized computer screen. For smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones the page layouts may be different, but the features described will be the same.

Search or browse ACC’s book catalog

The image below shows the default Library Search page. Clicking ‘SEARCH’ here would return all books in the ACC library, which you could browse through page by page.

Search can be narrowed down to only ‘Adult Books’ or ‘Children’s Book’s or DVDs:

If you wish to search for only recent additions to the Library you can select one of the ‘Added within last’ options.

You can also choose to filter by a particular Category of book and/or provide Title or Author search criteria.

Search for All Books in a Category

Clicking ‘SEARCH’ without any Title or Author criteria will return all the items in that Category which you can then browse through alphabetically – if desired you can also choose one of the  ‘Added within last’ options to browse through only the more recent additions to the Library.

Choosing the Result Order

For all search types you can choose to accept the default ordering of results alphabetically by title, or change to order by the date the item was added to the Library, with most recent additions listed first.


Browsing Through Result Pages

When more items are returned than can be shown on a single page you can browse through the pages of results using the navigation links at the bottom of each page. You will only see these navigation links if more than one page of results has been returned.


Viewing Details of a Particular Title
Clicking on the image or title of any search result item will open a dedicated detail page. The detail page may show more information such as a synopsis of what the book is about, but the information available varies by item, and is limited by what can be retrieved from online sources. In most cases there is also a ‘More information on Amazon’ link which can be followed to read reviews and additional information on


Browsing Through all Detail Pages from a Search

If you click into the detail page of a multiple-result search you can then browse through each of the detail pages without returning to the search results page. this is achieved using the ‘Previous/Next’ navigation links that are shown both at the top and the bottom of the detail page:


Hot Library Items List

This displays a mixed selection of books which have either been added to the Library recently or have been check-out recently.

Check the Status (available or checked-out), Shelf Location and/or ACC ID of an item

At the bottom of every book detail page is a purple information box. This box shows the shelf location where the item can be found in the ACC Library, the unique ‘ACC Item Code’, and whether the item is currently ‘Available’ or ‘Checked-Out’.


Please note that due to the open nature of the ACC Library we can not guarantee that an item shown as ‘Available’ will still be on the shelves, but the information shown is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Track the items checked-out to your family

When logged in you will find that additional MY LIBRARY ITEMS” information is displayed and lists all the books that are currently check-out to anyone in your family. The items are listed according to Due date – with items due back soonest listed first.

Note that when the Due Date is approaching for an item, or if it is already overdue,  this is highlighted in red.

If you have a lot of items checked-out you may need to follow the ‘View all checked-out items’ link that will take you to a dedicated full page listing of all your checked-out items. This page (shown below) can also be accessed directly from the ‘My Library Items’ navigation link on your ‘My Dashboard’ page.


This full-page version of ‘My Library Items’ also shows which member of your family has each item checked out.

Receive Due Date Reminders by email and/or SMS

If you wish you can choose to have automatic reminders sent to you 2 days prior to the date on which items are due for return, and again on the due date itself. You will receive one notification of each type on any given date listing all items that are due on the same date. Primary and Spouse Members will receive notifications for all the family’s checked-out items. If you choose to also enable notifications for children they will receive notifications only for items checked-our specifically to them.

The default configuration is that email notifications are enabled, but SMS text notifications are disabled for both Primary and Spouse Members. Notifications are not enabled for any children by default. To view and change you notification settings click on the ‘Library Reminders’ page link under My Communication Preferences on the left of the ‘My Dashboard’ page:


On that page it is simply a case of checking the notification methods you wish to activate. Below your own personal notification options you will find instructions on how to enable notifications for children in your family if required.


Renew items online

Most books can be renewed one time online without the need to contact the ACC Library. It is not possible to renew the most recently arrived books in the Library (this will be indicated where it applies). 

Items can be renewed wherever a ‘Click to renew’ link is displayed.


You will find this included in the purple information box at the bottom of a detail page for any book currently checked out to your family (you can click into the detail page directly from your ‘My Library Items’ list).


You will also find renew links for all eligible items on the full ‘My Library Items’ page.

When an Item Cannot Be Renewed Online

  • Item has already been renewed online once
    Once an item has been renewed once the ‘Click to renew’ link will be replaced with the word ‘Renewed’ and it cannot be renewed online again. You will then need to either call the ACC Library, or bring the item back to the Club to return it or discuss the possibility of further renewals.
  • Item is one of the Library’s most recently acquired books
    The Library’s newest books cannot be renewed online. This status will be indicated for the relevant books.

Some Points to Note

  • While we endeavor to ensure all book information shown is correct to the best of our knowledge, it is intended only as an aid to your book selection process and should not be taken to definitive. Some of this information is obtained directly from 3rd party online sources and we therefore cannot  guarantee it to be 100% accurate. If you encounter information that you believe to be incorrect please let us know and we will do our best to rectify it.
  • Images of book sleeves are provided for convenience and reference, but these cannot be guaranteed to be correct due to the many different editions that exist for some titles.
  • Check-out status of items is also correct to the best of our knowledge – and shows the status of items according to our check-out/check-in procedures. However, occasionally items may have been borrowed during times when the Library is not staffed. Status should therefore be correct in almost all cases, but we apologize if any item you believed to be available is actually not currently in the Library.