Transaction History Help

Once you have logged in to the ACC website, you are able to view your transactions at ACC from a year ago up close of business the previous day by clicking the Account Summary link in My Account section of the site.

Understanding Your Transaction History

ACC updates the Transaction History page with your latest spending every 24 hours at approximately 1am every night. You can see when the data was last updated on the first line under the Transaction History page heading.

Beneath that, you are able to select your billing period and browse back up to the same billing period a year ago.

The amount you have spent at ACC is displayed in the Transactions table, while the amount you have paid to ACC is displayed in the Account Payments table. Again, these are updated every 24 hours at approximately 1am every night.

Default Transaction Display

The default view is of all the transactions and account payments from your current billing period up to close of business on the date indicated (see date shown directly below the “Transaction History” heading). The start and end date of this current billing period are also confirmed next to the “Billing Period” label. By default the transactions are sorted by Member, then by Date, then by Ticket. Please note that your account payments are listed in a separate table below the transactions table.

 Viewing Transactions from a Previous Billing Period

You can also view the transactions from past billing. To do this select the required billing period using the “Select Period” list, then click the “Select” button. The start and end date of the billing period displayed are confirmed next to the “Billing Period” label.

 Changing the Sort Order

You can change the order in which the transactions are displayed by clicking on any of the grid headings: Member, Date, Ticket, Item, Amount.

 Printing and Exporting

Clicking on the “Export” or “Print” buttons will export the transactions to an CSV file (which can be opened by Excel or your choice of CSV viewer), or provide a printer-friendly version of the transaction and account payment grids which is currently displayed.