Mahjong Group

The ACC Mahjong Group meets at the Club each Tuesday at 1pm with sessions running to around 5:00 pm. We are a very sociable group, but we are primarily here to play Mahjong and so we do take our games very seriously too.

Within the group we have a range of skill levels and experience, so whether you have been playing for years, or are just interested in making a start we’d love to hear from you and you will be made very welcome if you would like to join us. Our members include a number of different nationalities, but communication is carried out in English. If you are interested in finding out more please inquire at the Member Services Desk.

Our Style of Play

The China State Sports Commission gave official recognition to Mahjong in January 1998. This lead to international Mahjong rules being established sometimes known as ‘Chinese Official Rules’. Our group plays according to thee ‘Chinese Official Rules’ and this differs from Taiwanese Mahjong in that we play with 13 tiles not 16.