Family Pool Deck BBQ (Expired)

Date & Time:
Cost:Adults: 980 NT $ Per Person plus 10%
Kids (Aged under 12): 590 NT $ Per Person plus 10%
This event will count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

With the hot summer days right around the corner, it’s time to have a BBQ Party!!

After our summer water fun “Kids Rule the Pool“, why not join our Sigis Pool Deck BBQ?

Bring your family and friends for a happy Saturday and enjoy delicious food while being entertained by holiday themed music.

Let’s enjoy this summer night!

What do we have on this summer night?

Tapas Table

Cooked  Ham  Salami  Melon  Cheese  Straw  Crispy  Lavash

Assorted  Tomatoes  Mozzarella  Parmesan  Cured  Salmon  Bruschetta

Marinated  Olives  Marinated  Peppers  Arugula  Spinach  Romaine  Frisee

Grilled  Green  Asparagus  Pancetta  Green  Peas  Feta Cheese

Dried  Nuts  Dry  Fruits  Apricots  Dates  Fresh  Green  Red  Grapes


Live BBQ

Grilled  Lamb  Chops,  Chicken  Gyros  Style,  Beef  Skewers  Rosemary

Marinated  Seafood  Skewers

Pita  Shredded  Lettuce  Onions  Tomatos  Tzatziki  Chermoula  Muhammara

Grilled  Field Mushrooms  Zucchini  Sweet  Corn

Chick  Peas  Tomato Ragu,  Couscous  Gremolata  Beetroot  Dip  Avocado  Dip


Dessert Table

Passion  Fruit  Panna  Cotta  Chocolate  Vanilla  Profiteroles

ACC  Cheese  Cake  Apple  Pie  Seasonal  Fruit  and  Berries Ice Cream


For more information or details, please contact Sigis Staff at 02 2885-8260 ext. 268 or email to