Summer Slide and Splash (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:Swimming Pool

Summer Slide and Splash

It’s hard to imagine summer without a water slide to have fun and make a splash!

Without a water slide, would it still be considered summer in Taiwan?

Absolutely not!

That is why the swimming pool at ACC will have a new Super Giant Inflatable Waterslide!

Every Second Friday

From 5:30 pm to 7 pm

For Kids

Come and have some water fun with us this summer!

2019 Slide & Splash🐊

🐊巨大鱷魚出沒在ACC游泳池😱  WAIT? ! WHAT IS THAT😱??  A Super Giant Inflatable Waterslide 🐊?!  Yes!'Slide and Splash' will continue throughout in ACC Swimming Pool every second Friday for the kids from 5:30 to 7:30!!  Thank you to every kids who came here and had fun with us last Friday! This is one of our favorite summer activities for kids, and also there will be more and more incredible activities for Members in this summer!   Anyone who was here last Friday? Comment and say "Hi!" below!! 每隔兩週的禮拜五 5:30PM~7:30PM,超巨大鱷魚在ACC游泳池等你來打怪🐊 #summer #waterfun

American Club Taipei 台北市美僑協會发布于 2019年5月24日周五

Please note the pool swimming might be interrupted by the party setting and recovering works 15 minutes before and after the party time.

For more information, please contact Swimming Pool Dept. by 02 2885-8260 txt.358 or email to