Taekwondo Fitness and Basketball Lessons


Are you looking for fun and educational classes for children? Then, why not join our Taekwondo Fitness or Basketball Classes!!

Taekwondo Fitness

Taekwondo-based physical fitness is not only a comprehensive kind of sport, but it is also the foundation of many other sports.

You will be trained to progressively improve in many areas, such as quick physical reaction, muscular strength, and physical flexibility and coordination.

Our goal is to help students develop well-balanced emotional and physical health.


Experience the fun and passion from learning basketball skills.

You will learn all the dribbling, passing, shooting, tactics as a professional basketball player through various drills and foot movement.

The Club has three talented coaches that can help you improve your game. All are certified with many years of experience in the game.


Taekwondo Fitness / Basketball

Private Lessons NT$ / per person

One on one

One to two

More than three people

30 Minutes

NT $800

NT $400

NT $350

45 Minutes

NT $1,200

NT $600

NT $525

1 Hour

NT $1,600

NT $800

NT $700


For more information or sign up, please contact the Swimming Pool Office at  02 2885-8259 or email to swim@americanclub.org.tw.



Taekwondo Fitness Coach

David Lin


Basketball Coach

Henry Hu / Chris Chen /  Charles Lee