Meet the Artist Cocktail Party

Date & Time:
Location:ACC Lobby
Cost:Free Entry!
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

The Club’s exhibition – “The Many Faces of Chang Yun Min” starts from March 22 to April 30.

We will have a reception cocktail party in the ACC Lobby on Saturday, April 17, and are honored to invite the artist – Chang Yun Min to attend and introduce his artwork.  Table snacks and red/white wine will be provided for you to enjoy this amazing gathering! Come and join this very special occasion with us!


Artist Bio

Chang Yun Min

Chang Yun Ming is a well-known Taiwanese artist. During his early art career, ink painting, has brought him a great reputation and numerous collectors and art lovers. However, he has changed his material for making art owing to getting a different idea to see art. He is exploring the inner spirit and oriental culture rather than the external beauty of the object for his painting, sometimes it’s also revealing childlike and innocent figures with a pure joy. On the other, it is a peak of his art career that exudes his life experience, profoundly knowledge and spiritual beauty. He places it significant of the combination between the texture and line, as well as expressing his art freely and infinity. One of the most important elements of Chang’s art is symbol, which is also like the cell of life for his art. He has found the rhythm and emotion through his innovative sighs. Click here to read more.


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