Spring Break Activities (Expired)

Date & Time:


A member’s guest is required to attend the same activity as the host Member. The guest student fee is NT$250/day.



Swimming Training

The swimmers will be challenged in a fun and exciting team environment to develop their swimming fitness, speed, technique and racing skills.

Dance Fit

Dancing to pop music with rhythm, kids can enjoy the happiness of dancing. Through this popular dance, kids can develop their sense of rhythm, self-confidence and keen body movement. By some creative interesting teamwork, they can create many body movements and learn the importance of cooperation. Kids can also enjoy the process of dancing and the change of the formation.

Table Tennis

Play and train to improve skills in; back & forehand, single step, half table-serve, double step, forehand with step, all table- push, loop and drive.

Mini Tennis

These classes are designed for beginners ages 3-12 who are interested in learning the fundamentals of tennis and taking their game to a new level, in a positive and fun environment.

Magic Time

Can you imagine that we can use something handy in our daily lives to perform amazing magic tricks? Students will understand the inspiration of inventing magic, associated with science, psychology and mechanics.

Slampros Basketball

Experience the fun and passion while learning basketball skills.

Art Workshop

Children will learn handcrafting skills in these activities.

Kids Fitness          

Run, tumble and jump your way through our kinetics class.  This course will give your young child a solid foundation towards fitness appreciation with fun, age-appropriate games and exercise routines.


Proper serve and a drop shot? Learn from our coach proper techniques of play.

Tornado Taekwondo

Taekwondo-based physical fitness is not only a comprehensive kind of sport, but it is also the foundation of many other athletics. In this series of courses, students quick physical reaction, muscular strength, physical flexibility and coordination will be trained to progressively improve in many areas.

We will also help students to cultivate a real interest in sports and help them eventually begin to practice on their own. When their ability progressed, they would be able to face different kinds of situations and protect themselves and even others.

Build a Robot

By creating their own robots, children can overcome the troubles they meet when assembling and disassembling the LEGO bricks to getting familiar with various kinds of the components. Kids can create everything they want on their own.

Boxing Workout

Train like the Pros without the black eye. Sandbag punching and focus mitts as well as light sparring and jump rope exercises Class is designed from beginners.

Pool Scuba Diving

Now we are having Pool Scuba Diving lessons for ACC Members. It is a group activity and will be held in the ACC pool.

Instructors are PADI certified (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

The purpose of this activity is to teach basic scuba diving skills and to experience the enjoyment of scuba diving. (Bubble Maker or Seal Team Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of this lesson.)

NOTE! We welcome parent’s participation!




Sign up one day in advance for each lesson. Call 2885-8259

Please inform the Pool Staff Team as soon as possible for any cancellation.

Members will be charged full price if not contacted within 72 hours prior to an activity.

All Aquatic lessons will be canceled in the event of a typhoon or when lightning is in the area. If such weather conditions prevail.