Calling GMail Users

Wondering where your recent Weekly ACC eNews Newsletters have gone?

If you view your emails using GMail’s browser-based email client you may wish to review the setup of your inbox. Google has recently introduced a change where instead of a single “Inbox”  in which all your email appears, you may now have several tabs such as “Primary”, “Promotions”, “Social” and others.

Here’s how this might look if you are using GMail in English:GmailPromotionsInbox

And here’s how it might look in Chinese:GmailPromotionsInbox_Chinese

The idea is that GMail will automatically identify “promotional” emails and group them together for you in the “Promotions” tab. The problem is that you may not have been aware that this is happening – so if you haven’t seen our Newsletter for a few weeks you might like to check the Promotions tab to see if it has been delivered there.

What if I Want My Newsletters Delivered to My Main Inbox?

If you do not like GMail’s new tabbed categorization you can deactivate it and return to having only one Inbox by clicking on the “cog” settings icon on your GMail page, choosing “Configure Inbox”, and then un-checking the “Promotions” tab from the list of options provided:



An alternative approach is to set up special mail filtering rules within GMail (see the GMail help pages for more details on this).

I Don’t Have a Promotions Tab, But I Still Can’t Find My Newsletters

Another place to check is you spam/junkmail folder – as it is possible that our emails have been incorrectly marked as spam and delivered there. If you do find this is the case, then please mark our ACC communications as “Not Spam” which should help GMail to deliver them correctly to your Inbox next time.

Remember that you can now also control whether or not you receive our e-news communications, so it may also be worth reviewing your options page in the Members Only Area to make sure that your setup page is configured correctly.