Your eNews Preferences

How to customize your Weekly Newsletter & control the types of information you receive from the Club

You can now control the types of event and promotional communications you receive from the Club. When logged in to the Members Only Area of the ACC website go to the “Accent & eNews” page under “My Communication Preferences” and you can make the following checkbox choices:

  1. Receive a printed copy of Accent magazine
  2. Receive Weekly Newsletter, event and promotional information by email (eNews)
    2. (sub-options)
    Receive information about these specific categories:
    2a. Youth, Children & Family
    2b. Dining & Banquets
    2c. Fitness & Sports
    2d. Hair & Spa


  • The default for all these options is checked (meaning activated) unless you have previously informed us you do not want to receive Accent or eNews.
  • If you un-check option 1 we will not send you a printed copy of Accent (which is now also available on the ACC website).
  • If you un-check option 2 we will not send you any event or promotion information by email – we will also not send you the Weekly Newsletter.
  • If you un-check any of sub-options 2a – 2d:
    • That particular category section will be removed from your version of the Weekly eNewsletter.
    • We will also endeavor not to send you any one-off communications relating to categories you have opted out of.
    • However, please note that there may still be times when information from an “opted-out” category is sent to you – for example where an item relates to several different categories.

Remember that these preferences relate to you as an individual – both you and your spouse/partner can use your own website logins, and can set your own individual communication preferences.

A general overview of all your communication options can be viewed here.