ACC Takeaway Menu

Takeaway orders are available for pick-up from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm. Members can place their orders from 11:00am – we regret orders cannot be accepted after 7:00 pm

The Club is offering Takeaway Menu from Saturday, May 29. Members can pre-order their food by phone and pick up their food to enjoy their favorite delicacies at home!


Step 1: Members can check the Terrace Takeaway Menu, ACC Baked Goods , ACC Market Takeaway items, Sigis Takeaway Pizza and services information on this page!

Step 2: Call directly to +886 2 2885-8260 and dial an extension to the outlet staff by phone and order from the outlet menu. 

Menu Extension Number
The Terrace Menu #278
Gyoson Takeaway Menu #258
ACC Baked Goods  #238
ACC Market Takeaway Items #238
Sigis Menu #268

Step 3: Staff will require your name / membership number / contact phone number / pickup time. Please note that subject to demand, preparation of food orders will take from 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 4: Members can choose to pick up their order from the outdoor pickup desk conveniently located outside the entrance to Rendezvous or ACC staff will deliver to you at your car in the ACC Parking Lot. We regret that in keeping with the government’s social distancing regulations – Members will not be allowed to wait inside the Club Lobby.

Step 5: Bon Appétit! Enjoy the Club’s delicacies at home!

A gentle reminder: During the dining rush hours, the kitchen will be very busy preparing Members’ food items. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Daily Takeaway Specials

Tempt your tastebuds

Stretch your wallet

The Best the ACC offers

In the safety and comfort of your home


Sigis Pizza Buy 1 Get 1 extra Free!

Available for all Sigis Pizza menu (the lower priced selection).


Order Gyoson Hot Pot.

Order 1 more hot pot meat dish (pork or beef) and receive 1 free extra dish of hot pot vegetables.

WEDNESDAY The Terrace Takeaway Dessert buy 3 and receive 1 free extra dessert (the lower priced selection).
THURSDAY ACC Market Homemade Frozen Items buy 4 and receive 1 free extra (the lower priced selection).



With a single order totaling over NT$3,000 (ACC Market Takeaway Wine Items are not included in this promotion), you will receive a free bottle of ACC House Wine.

Please specify your choice of wine: Bianco di Toscana 2019 and Toscana Rosso 2018 by Il Poggione. You may mix orders from different outlets – including the Market – to reach NT$3,000.

the Terrace Menu

The Terrace Menu

☎ | +886 2 2885-8260 #278


Gyoson Takeaway Menu

Gyoson Takeaway Menu

☎ | +886 2 2885-8260 #258


Teriyaki Chicken

Deep Fried Pork Chop

Chicken Tempura

Grilled Mackerel

ACC Baked Goods

ACC Baked Goods

☎ | +886 2 2885-8260 #238

ACC Homemade Bread

Ketogenic Bread


MyCroissant by Guillaume

Original Croissant

Chocoramel Croissant


Black Olive Ciabatta


Salt & Stone

Morning Bun

Kanelbullar Cinnamon Roll

Classic Cinnamon Roll

Pain aux Raisins

Traditional Sourdough


Sigis Menu

Sigis Menu

☎ | +886 2 2885-8260 #268

ACC Market Takeaway items

ACC Market Takeaway items

☎ | +886 2 2885-8260 #238


ACC Market Wine Takeaway Items


Please note that ACC Market Wine Takeaway Items are not included in the Friday – Sunday Takeaway Specials Promotion.