Dining Reservation Help

This information is intended primarily as a “how to” guide for making bookings. Where relevant the relevant booking rules are mentioned, but for full details of all the rules relating to making dining reservations please refer to the current Dining Reservation Guidelines and Rules.

Help Contents


Outlets Which Can Be Booked

Reservations can be made online up to 30 days in advance for the following outlets:
Sigis (either Indoor or Outdoor Deck)
Sunday Brunch


Booking Calendar

Bookings are made via a calendar which by default shows the current week, and includes all outlets on the same page.

Above the calendar are selector buttons which can be used to select only a specific outlet’s calendar.

At the top left of the calendar are navigation buttons enabling you to move forward or back one week at at time.

An outlet booking calendar:

Outlet can be selected using the buttons at the top:

How Up to Date is the Booking Calendar?
The calendar is 100% up to date at the time the page is loaded. To update the calendar again refresh
your web page. You cam see how old the information is at any time by referring to the “Last
refreshed” information at the top right of the calendar.

Understanding the Booking Calendar
Each outlet has one Lunch and one Dinner “meal period” entry per day (or Brunch in the case of Sunday Brunch).

Sigis provides separate booking for the Indoor and Outdoor Deck areas, so has lunch and dinner entries for each of these areas.

Meal Periods which are currently active for booking are shown as red text and are clickable links. Meal periods in the past, or beyond 30 days in the future, are shown as black text and are not clickable.

Meal Periods that contain bookings for your and your family are highlighted on the calendar as red “My Booking” entries. You can click on these links to review and revise your bookings.

Where a Meal period is within 24 hours it will show a small red “phone” icon to to indicate that booking can for that time can now only be done by calling the outlet:

In the sample below Tuesday is in the past, so cannot now be booked. The Meal Periods on Wednesday are now within 24 hours and so have a “phone” icon to indicate that booking can only be done by calling the outlet. Thursday is beyond 24 hours in the future and all Meal Periods can be booked online. The logged in Member’s family already has a booking for Lunch on Thursday and this is indicated by the “My Booking” link.

Dining States


Making a Booking Request

    1. Please note that when first submit your booking it will have a status of “Requested”. Although the booking system will have temporarily reserved the number of seats chosen, your booking is not confirmed until you received a “Booking Confirmed” notification from us (following review of your request by the outlet staff).
    2. Select the dining outlet by means of the outlet selector buttons above the calendar.
    3. Click on the Meal Period link on the required day to go to the booking request page:


  1. On the booking page check that the selected details are correct (outlet, date and meal period).
    The information that we require from you is:

    • Reservation time (choose from 15 minute intervals within the Meal period)
    • Number of seats (maximum number varies by outlet, and according to remaining capacity)
    • Main Contact
  2. By default the Main Contact selected will be the Member who is currently logged into the website, but can be changed to any Member of your own family.
  3. You also have the option of adding one of more “Notified Persons” to your booking. This is not required, and is described in a separate section below.
  4. If you have any special requests, or information of any kind that you woudl like us to know in connection with your booking, you can add these in teh “Comments” box.
  5. Once this information has been provided simply click “CONFIRM BOOKING” to complete the booking process.
  6. If successful you will see a red confirmation message displayed on the screen as shown below:[image]
  7. If you have chosen to receive booking notifications by email and/or SMS you will also receive a “Booking Request” notification by your selected method(s).
  8. Your request will then reviewed by our outlet staff, who will call you to discuss if necessary, and then mark your booing as confirmed if your request can be fulfilled.
  9. Please note that no bookings are guaranteed until you receive a booking confirmation message.
  10. For clarity we strongly recommend that you set your account to receive notifications of at least one type (email or SMS), and always check that your confirmation notification has been received.

The required information when making a booking request:


Reviewing Your Bookings

You can review your active bookings at any time by clicking back into them. You can access your bookings by any of the following methods.

Locating Your Bookings on the Booking Calendar

Bookings that have been made for your and your family are highlighted on the calendar as red “My Booking” entries. You can click on these links to review and revise your bookings.

Current Bookings List

On certain pages of the ACC website, including the dining booking pages, and your Account Dashboard page, you will see a “Current Bookings” list. This shows your upcoming bookings (of all kinds) at ACC. If you have a lot of active bookings you can click on “View all bookings” to see your complete list of your bookings on a dedicated page.

Booking Notification Emails
If you chose to receive notifications about your bookings by email those emails will contain a link to the booking.


Making Changes to a Booking

Certain changes can be made to your booking yourself up to 24 hours beforehand by returning to your booking page and making the required changes. Subject to remaining availability in the outlet you can change reservation time, number of seats, Main Contact, Named Persons and Comment. You cannot change the Outlet, Meal period, or Date on a saved booking and if such a change needs to be made you will need to cancel and make a new booking.

Please note that if you change a Confirmed booking it will return to a status of “Requested” and be reviewed again by our outlet staff before being returned to “Confirmed” if they are able to meet your revised booking requirements.

Within the last 24 hours your online booking page will be locked and you will need to call the outlet to make any further changes.

Cancelling a Booking

You can cancel your own bookings online any time up to 24 hours before the time you have booked. Within the last 24 hours your online booking page will be locked and you will need to call the outlet to make a cancellation.

To Cancel a Booking

  1. Return to your booking page either via the “My Booking” link on the calendar, or from your “Current Bookings” list.
  2. To the left of the “CONFIRM CHANGES” button you will see a “CANCEL BOOKING” link (red text).
    Click on that link, and then confirm, to cancel your booking.

The Cancel link:

On-screen confirmation of the cancellation:


Booking Notifications

Booking Notifications – Setting Your Preferences

To receive automated notifications for your bookings you must have chosen to receive notifications by either email or SMS (or both). The default setup for an account is to receive notifications by email, but not SMS.
To review and change you settings go to your Account Dashboard page and choose the “Booking Notifications” link (see illustration below).
If we have an email address and mobile phone number number on file for you these will be displayed and you can check the method(s) that you prefer. If your contact details are not shown, or if they are not correct, you can either submit changes to these details yourself via the “Edit My Details” link on the same menu, or by contacting the Membership department on accmembership@americanclub.org.tw.
Please note that more detail is included in the email version of these notifications as we are limited in what can be included in an SMS.

Booking Notifications – Notifications Types

The main notification messages are as follows:

  • On making a booking request a “REQUESTED” notification will be sent.
  • On changing a booking a “BOOKING UPDATED” notification will be sent.
  • On a booking being marked as Confirmed a “CONFIRMED” notification will be sent.
  • On canceling a booking a BOOKING CANCELLED” notification will be sent.
  • 27 hours before your booking a booking reminder will be sent.

Who Will Receive Notifications?

Every booking consists of at least a “Booking Owner” and a “Main Contact”. Although in many cases the Booking Owner and Main Contact will be the same Member, they can be different members of your own family.

The Booking Owner is the Member whose login was used to make the make the booking. The Main Contact is the Member who is planning to be present as part of the dining group.

Notifications will be sent to both of these family members in accordance with his/her current notification preferences.

If you have added any “Notified Persons” to the booking each of these will also receive
notifications in accordance with their current notification preferences.


Named Persons & Buddy List

The inclusion of additional “Named Persons” on your booking request is completely optional. The reason you might choose to do this is either:

  • So that additional ACC Members can receive automated notifications and reminders for the booking, and also see the booking on their own booking calendars.
  • Because you want our outlet staff to know the name of a non-member guest that will be in your dining party.

By clicking the “ADD NAMED PERSON” button you can select from a name list containing your own family Members, any other ACC Member who is currently on your “Buddy List”, or “Guest”. To show on your Buddy List you must have first set up a Buddy Connection with that Member. Full details of how to set up your own Buddy List can be found on the Buddy List Help Page.


What to Do If The Outlet Is Full

Please note that there is no automated waiting list provided for dining outlets. If the website does not show any availability please inquire directly with the outlet as some space may still be available in the outlet.


Bookings Made Directly With the Outlet

There is no requirement to use the online booking system yourself. If you prefer you can continue to make your dining reservations directly with the outlet. Staff will make your booking on the same online booking system and you will therefore still receive the same notification messages, and be able to view it yourself online.

One main difference is that in some cases the outlet staff will be able to confirm your booking immediately in which case your booking would go direct to a status of “Confirmed” (skipping the “Requested” step).