ACC Club Calendar Help

The ACC Club Calendar will always provide you with the most up to date information about what is happening at the Club over the coming days and months.

Default Calendar View

What exactly you see as a default view will depend on the type of device you are using to view it on. Larger screen devices will see a full month view, and small screen devices will show a day by day view.

Changing the Date Range Displayed

On larger screened devices you can choose to change from Month view to Week or Day view. Due to the limitations of screen space small screen devices will always show only the day by day view.

You can also use the navigation arrows to move been months, weeks or days depending on your current view.

Using the Calendar’s Filter Options

By default on all devices what you see listed will be a mixture of Club Events and date-related notifications (notifications being things other than events, that you might want to know about on specific dates). However, there are two filter options that you can use control what types of information is displayed. The screen images below show how these filter options look on a large screen device. On smaller-screen devices you will find the same options available, but they may look a little different depending on your device type.

By changing these filter combinations individually or in combination you can either increase or decrease the number or items displayed.

Filtering by Listing Type

Filter Option 1 – Listing Type

Use this filter option to switch to viewing Promotions, or Fitness Classes. You can also choose the ‘All’ option to all listing types together. Choosing ‘All’ will give the the most complete picture of what is on offer at the Club on any given date, but you may find that the Day or Week views are more suited to using the calendar this way. The default setting for this filter is ‘Default (Events & Notices)‘.

Filtering by Subject Category

Filter Option 2 – Subject Category

Use this filter option to select what types of subject categories are shown. For example, if you are interested in finding dining-related listings then you can select the ‘Dining & Banquets’ option. You will find that these categories correspond to the main areas of our website (as shown on the main website menu) so this may help you understand what will be included under those headings. The default setting for this filter is ‘All Categories‘.

Applying the Filters

The filters can be used individually, or in combination. Each filter is applied automatically when your selection is made.

Color & Icon Coding

To further help you identify and locate items that might be of interest to you each listing is tagged with the color/icon combination that corresponds to its subject category. In some cases an item may have multiple colored icons if it has been categorized with more that one subject-area.