2022 Membership Survey Results


And the survey says …

There was an excellent response to the survey, with 625 responses, equating to 40% of the Membership. So, thank you to all who took the time to complete the survey.
To ensure we have a clear picture, the Club has benchmarked against 2019 for items such as the budget, as this was the last time there was a “typical year.”

So we are again looking at how we compare with 2019 for the survey.

Overall, Club Score was up on 2019 at 4.11, with the strongly agree increasing by 4.6% over 2019.

This year’s goal is to maintain the high score from strongly agree and agree; it will be challenging as the score continues to be around 97%.

For the full 2022 survey results, please click here and you can also read the summary of the report by the GM here.