Accent Magazine Going Digital Starting 2024


Dear Members,

Over the past years, we’ve witnessed incredible growth and engagement from our Members. Your passion for Accent Magazine has been inspiring, and we are committed to continuously evolving to meet your needs and preferences.

With that in mind, we would like to announce that we will be transitioning Accent from its traditional print format to a digital format via email, and Members can log in to read digitally.

Why the Digital Move?
In our commitment to meeting the evolving preferences of our Members, we’ve recognized the increasing demand for digital content consumption. It is already available in digital format on the website if you log in to the site. Moving to a purely digital format allows us to provide you with a more accessible, and environmentally sustainable reading experience.

Instant Accessibility: Access Accent anytime, anywhere, with just a click. Whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, our digital platform ensures you never miss an issue.
Environmentally Friendly: By going digital, we’re contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing our paper usage and environmental footprint.

For those of you who still prefer to read the Accent in a paper format, do not worry. We will still print some copies and place them around the Club for you to pick up and enjoy.

When Does It Start and How Can You Access the Digital Magazine?
This format will start the next issue in January/February 2024. Each new issue will be emailed directly to your email address, and you will be able to enjoy it with a simple click. Get ready to read effortlessly.

Step 1- Receive Accent via Email

Step 2- Click on the cover (log-in required), and you can read it in a magazine format via ISSUU on the website (click below the red circle and enlarge to full-screen viewing) or you can view it in PDF format by clicking the link right under the cover in your email.

We understand that change can be challenging initially, and we appreciate your ongoing support as we embark on this digital journey together.