An Important Announcement About Parking Rule Enforcement

Location:ACC Parking Lot

An Important Announcement About

Parking Rule Enforcement

Due to our limited parking space restrictions, the Board at its July 26th, 2021, meeting instructed Management and staff to strictly enforce existing parking rules – particularly those requiring valid parking stickers – and further, has approved the introduction of fines for non-complying Members.

For your reference, the applicable rule reads, in part:

“All cars using the ACC parking lot must be registered with the Club, and prominently display a valid “ACC” registered parking sticker on the car’s dashboard or adhered on the vehicle’s front windshield.”

(Please click here for the Club’s parking rules.)

Beginning October 1st, a NT$3,000 fine will be implemented for the first violation of the mandatory parking sticker rule, with a NT$6,000 fine for the second offense and a NT$9,000 fine for the third violation.  Further violations will be subject to a hearing by the Board appointed investigative panel and potential disciplinary proceedings.  Reminder emails have been sent to those who have not yet picked up their parking stickers that they are overdue to do so.

A gentle reminder system will be implemented in September to remind Members of the approaching October 1st implementation date for fines.  Please note that staff has been directed to make no exceptions to the rules and FAQs are reprinted on the reverse of this letter.  Please forward your questions, comments or concerns to the General Manager ( or via the e-Comment system) who will keep the Board appraised on all feedback during the three-month implementation period.

Thank you for upholding our House Rules to make the Club enjoyable for all Members.

Maria Ting,
Dr. Ming Chi Yung,
Rules Committee Chair


Frequently Asked Questions about Parking Rules and Enforcement

Q: Why are we tightening up parking rule enforcement now?

A: As we all know, parking is in short supply at the ACC and code restrictions prevent us from expanding our on-site capacity in any way.  The Club is also getting busier as more programs, classes and activities are introduced to meet the needs of our diverse membership. This means that strict enforcement of the Club’s longstanding parking rules and the cooperation of all Members are the only ways that we can control our lot, ease congestion, and ensure that only Members take our valuable parking spaces.

Q: Why has this simple rule been hard to enforce over the years?

A: Over the years, our parking attendants have tried to accommodate Member demands for exceptions to the mandatory parking sticker rule.  These range from “I brought my third car today” to “My guest is driving me today” and many, many more.  These requests, plus Members whose cars do not have stickers asking, “Don’t you know me by now?” have created a situation where there can be 15-20 unauthorized cars in the lot, while Members patiently line-up on Bei-an Road awaiting a spot.

Q: I have more than two cars and the Club only permits two parking stickers per Membership.  If I bring the wrong car, will I be fined?

A: Those with more than two cars may apply for two laminated parking stickers that may be moved from one car to another, with all car license plate numbers being pre-registered for this purpose.  The portable stickers will replace the fixed stickers which must be removed from the cars and destroyed.  To pick-up your sticker – or to obtain portable stickers as outlined above – please call or visit the Security Desk (#668) in the lobby or reach them at

Q: What other options are there for getting to the Club?

A: The closest MRT station is Jian Tan and it is a pleasant 15-minute walk to the Club.  There is a U-Bike station at the MRT and another one just outside the main entrance to our parking lot. There are public buses that stop close to the ACC, including one from Tienmu.  For the more adventurous – and fit – we have on site, bicycle racks and Taipei’s plentiful taxis or Ubers are also options. Click here to view the Club’s location map.

ACC Location Map

Q: Many parking lots are automated.  Can technology help us at the Club?

A: The Planning Committee has explored license plate reading technology, which if coupled with entry and exit gates, could assist with managing parking at the ACC.  But there were some challenges with where we could safely locate the gates – especially the entry gate – which we would have to resolve.  Other technologies are and will be examined in the months ahead.

Q: How do I make suggestions on parking?

A: These may be addressed to the General Manager at or sent via the e-Comment system, which tracks suggestions and facilitates them being shared at the appropriate committee (Rules or Planning) and with the Board.