Book Rental Policy


Book Borrowing Policy

  1. Book borrowing period: Two weeks; maximum 8 books per family.
  2. Book borrowing period may be renewed once for an additional two weeks except for new arrivals.
  3. Late charges: NT$10 per day per book up to a maximum of NT$140 per book.
  4. Books returned more than two months after the due date are considered lost with a compensation charge NT$300 per book. New arrival books must be replaced with the exact title.
  5. For reciprocal members or life members –Additional deposit NT$500 per book is required. Please check in and check out books during the Librarians on duty.
  6. We accept the donation of books in good condition that members find they no longer need with the understanding that, once received, the books are owned by the ACC.
  7. Our selection of new books is based on the authoritatively ranked list of the latest books, sorted by format and genre to accommodate the majority of Members’ common reading preferences.  We thank you for your understanding if suggested books have not been selected.