Library Policy

Sunday to Thursday 10:00 ~ 19:00
Friday and Saturday 10:00 ~ 21:00 

House Policy

No mobile phone includes receiving & sending the voice message.

No food & drinks.


Book Borrowing Policy

  1. Book borrowing period: Two weeks; maximum 8 books per family. Additional deposit NT$500 per book / DVD is required for reciprocal members or life members.
  2. Book borrowing period may be renewed once for an additional two weeks – except for new arrivals.
  3. Late charges: NT$10 per day per book up to a maximum of NT$140 per book.
  4. Books returned more than two months after the due date are considered lost and compensation must be made by providing two used books of any title or with a payment of NT$300 per book. New arrival books must be replaced with the exact title.
  5. We welcome the donation of books which members find they no longer need.


DVD Rental Policy

  1. Rental rates: NT$40-100 and NT$150-400 for Movies & TV series set
  2. Rental period: 7 nights before closing hours.  Please return DVD during the Library opening hours.
  3. Late charges: NT$20 – 30 per day; The maximum DVD rental period is one month; failure to return after one month will automatically be treated as lost and will be subjected to a compensation charge.
  4. Compensation charge for a lost or damaged disc: NT$500 (DVD) per title.
  5. No DVD exchange after renting is allowed, except the exchange of a defective one of the same title within the two-night rental period.
  6. All DVDs on display are provided by Jam Entertainment Co., Ltd. They are protected by copyright authorization from the product owner/producer.
  7. All DVDs are to be used solely for home viewing purposes. Any unauthorized use, including but not restricted to, duplicating, editing, broadcast, or any public performance is strictly prohibited and may be subject to legal prosecution.
  8. This Rental Policy is established by Jam Entertainment, Ltd. ACC provides the Club’s premises only and has no jurisdiction over the Rental Policy.