Changes to the ACC Lobby – Controlled Access


Controlled access equipment installation will be carried out soon.

Main Member Entry Lanes

Front view

Each lane will be 90 cm wide. Member card will be needed to both enter and exit via the gates.

Main 2

Rear view of main access barriers

The two lanes on the right have collection slots for Guest cards.

Rear v

Main Member entry lanes viewed from Front Desk


Gate at rear of Front Desk

No Member access by this route


Gate at far end of lobby washroom corridor

Restricted Member access by this route


New Membership Card Photographs

A new “RFID” Membership Card will be required for entering and exiting the main body of the Club through these control lanes.

Photograph-taking is now in progress and we will contact Members when the new RFID cards are ready for pickup. Please make arrangements with the Front Desk team for a convenient time to have your family’s photographs taken.