Important Notice For ACC Swimmers

Location:Swimming Pool

Effective  Friday, February 24, 2017, the Swimming Pool can only be used by Members and Guests when an ACC Lifeguard is on scheduled duty.

The Board has been advised by our lawyer that ACC will face significant liability if any death or injury should occur when members/guests swim before or after ACC operating hours when ACC  lifeguards are not on duty.

ACC Operating Hours as below have been adjusted to suit the needs of our regular swimmers :

• Summer (May 1- October 31): 06:00 ~ 20:30 daily
• Winter (November 1- April 30):06:00 ~ 20:00 daily

We thank our Members for understanding the importance of this matter and also for observing ACC’s swimming pool “ rules & regulations “ which have been established to provide you with a means to enjoy an aquatic environment in a healthy, enjoyable and safe manner.