Wanted: Contributors for the “Accent” Magazine


The Club has been making efforts to improve the Accent magazine, to make it a more readable, relevant and rewarding publication for our Members – and a better marketing tool for prospective Members and reciprocal club visitors.

We need Members to participate and contribute their ACC experiences on topics as diverse as:

  • Visits to our reciprocal clubsaround the world
  • Book reviews on titles from our library
  • Articles on communities within the Club

(Examples include lap swimmers, triathlon athletes, bridge and mahjong groups, Rendezvous regulars and many more)

  • Member Profiles, particularly about those who have contributed to the Club or those who have recently left Taipei
  • Member write-ups on sports and social events at the Club
  • Articles about multi-generational families at the Club, some of whom are now in their fourth generation

(We would love a feature about third or fourth generation Salon customers)

  • Photos and/or articles showing the way we were in the past
  • Any unique memories about the Club that Members would like to share

Please contact Ivy Lin (ivy.lin@americanclub.org.tw) for details.