Racquet Court Booking Help

The information on this page is intended primarily as a “how to” guide for making bookings. Where relevant the relevant booking rules are mentioned, but for full details of all the rules relating to making court bookings please refer to the current Court Booking Rules. Note that Tennis and Squash / Multi-Sport have similar, but slightly different rules.

Help Contents

Booking Calendar

There are 3 separate booking calendars – one each for tennis, squash and multi-sports. Each calendar shows the same 8-day period which always has “today” as the left-most column. Within this 8 day period is the current active bookable period – which always spans seven 24 hour periods staring from “now”. Each day is represented by a column, and each row represents a one-hour court slot, with each of these slots showing the starting time as a time header (e.g. 07:00). There are 2 tennis courts per one hour slot, 2 squash courts per one hour slot and 1 multi-sport court per one hour slot.

A Court Booking Calendar:

Court Type Selection Buttons:

Make Sure That The Court Type Selected is The Correct One:


Understanding the Booking Calendar

  • Each 1 hour court slot is represented by a box, with the starting time shown at the top.
  • Each court is listed within the box below the slot time heading.
  • Here we have a slot containing 2 courts (e.g. tennis or squash):
  • Here we have a slot containing only 1 court (e.g. multi-sports):
  • Vacant (bookable) courts are represented as orange clickable links on a pale gray background.
  • This slot has a choice of 2 vacant courts at 7pm. You could click either link to make a booking:
  • A court booked by another Member is represented as black (un-clickable) text on a dark gray background. Note that the name of the court is not changed.
  • In this slot we have one court booked (Court A) and one that is vacant (Court B):
  • A court that is booked by you, or another Member of your family is indicated in red bold text as “My Booking” against a dark gray background. You can click on these links to review and/or cancel your booking at any time:
  • Courts may also be pre-booked for various Club Sessions. These look similar to normal booked courts, but will show a description of what is happening. Here both courts within the slot have been pre-booked for “Open Tennis” and are therefore not available for booking:
  • If no courts are shown within a slot this means that the slot is outside the current bookable range – either in the past, or too far in the future:
  • If all courts in a slot are booked an automated waiting list may be activated. The waiting list indicator is a change of the slot time heading to bold orange clickable link text, with the addition of a special “two people in a queue” icon beside it. You can click on these slot headers to add a request to the waiting list for that slot.
  • A slot that contains a waiting list request for you, or another Member of your family is indicated by the slot time heading being red bold text against a dark gray background. You can click on these links to review and/or cancel your waiting list request at any time:

How Up to Date is the Booking Calendar?

The calendar is 100% up to date at the time the page is loaded. To update the calendar again refresh your web page. You cam see how old the information is at any time by referring to the “Last refreshed” information at the top right of the calendar.

Booking a Court

  1. Select the required court type by means of the court selector buttons above the calendar.
  2. Click on any available court link which will take you to the court booking page:
  3. On the booking page check that the selected court details are correct (court type, date and time).
  4. If quota is required for the time slot selected you will see which Member’s quota will be used, and how much quota that Member currently has available. This will normally be based on the Member selected as the “Main Player”.
    By default the Main Player selected will be the Member who is currently logged into the website, but can be changed to any Member of your own family.
  5. If you change the Main Player, the quota information will be updated accordingly.
  6. If you select a child aged under 13 as the Main Player he/she will not have a quota allocation and the quota used will instead be that of the logged-in Member.
  7. You also have the option of adding one of more “Notified Players” to your booking. This is not required, and is described in a separate section below.
  8. The Main Player must be the Member who will be on court at the selected time.
  9. Once the Main Player is selected simply click “CONFIRM BOOKING” to complete the booking process.
  10. If successful you will see a red confirmation message displayed on the screen as shown below:
  11. If you have chosen to receive booking notifications by email and/or SMS you will also receive a booking confirmation by your selected method(s).
  12. Please note that a booking cannot not be regarded as confirmed until you see the on-screen confirmation message, and/or receive your booking confirmation notification.
  13. For clarity we strongly recommend that you set your account to receive notifications of at least one type (email or SMS), and always check that your confirmation notification has been received.

Reviewing Your Bookings

You can review your active bookings or waiting list entries at any time by clicking back into them. You can access your bookings by any of the following methods.

Locating Your Bookings on the Booking Calendar

Courts that have been booked by your and your family are highlighted on the calendar as red “My Booking” entries. You can click on these links to review and revise your bookings.

Current Bookings List

On certain pages of the ACC website, including the racquet court booking pages, and your Account Dashboard page, you will see a “Current Bookings” list. This shows your upcoming bookings (of all kinds) at ACC. If you have a lot of active bookings you can click on “View all bookings” to see your complete list of your bookings on a dedicated page.

Booking Notification Emails
If you chose to receive notifications about your bookings by email those emails will contain a link to the booking.

Changing or Canceling a Booking

Making Changes to a Booking

In accordance with ACC’s court booking rules most details of a booking (Court, Date, Time and Main Player) can not be changed once a booking has been made. The only change that can be made is to add, remove, or change a Notified Player. For any other changes you must cancel and re-book. Please note that if all courts within a slot are booked, and there are entries on the waiting list, the first entry on the list will immediately be allocated into your vacated court slot and you will not be able to make a new booking for that same court slot.

Cancelling a Booking

You can cancel your own bookings any time up to the start of your booked slot, but if you cancel within 12 hours this will be regarded as a “Late Cancellation” are a penalty fee may be applied to your account.

To Cancel a Booking

  1. Click on your court booking (either via the “My Booking” link on the calendar, or from your “Current Bookings” list).
  2. This will take you back to your court booking page.
  3. To the left of the “CONFIRM CHANGES” button you will see a “CANCEL BOOKING” link (red text).
  4. Click on that link, and then confirm, to cancel your booking.
  5. If you are within 12 hours of the court booking this will be indicated on-screen and cancellation at this point may incur a Late Cancellation penalty fee.
  6. After successful cancellation you should see a confirmation message shown on screen, and if you have chosen to receive notifications you will also receive confirmation by email and/or SMS.
  7. If booking quota was utilized in the cancelled booking this quota will immediately be available for use again.

Booking Notifications

Booking Notifications – Setting Your Preferences

To receive automated notifications for your bookings you must have chosen to receive notifications by either email or SMS (or both). The default setup for an account is to receive notifications by email, but not SMS.
To review and change you settings go to your Account Dashboard page and choose the “Booking Notifications” link (see illustration below).
If we have an email address and mobile phone number number on file for you these will be displayed and you can check the method(s) that you prefer. If your contact details are not shown, or if they are not correct, you can either submit changes to these details yourself via the “Edit My Details” link on the same menu, or by contacting the Membership department on accmembership@americanclub.org.tw.
Please note that more detail is included in the email version of these notifications as we are limited in what can be included in an SMS.

Booking Notifications – Notifications Types

The main notification messages are as follows:

  • On making a booking a “COURT BOOKED” notification will be sent.
  • On changing a booking a “COURT BOOKING UPDATED” notification will be sent.
  • On canceling a booking a “COURT CANCELLED” notification will be sent.
  • 24 hours before your booking a booking reminder will be sent.

Who Will Receive Notifications for Your Booking?

Every booking consists of at least a “Booking Owner” and a “Main Player”. Although in many cases the Booking Owner and Main Player will be the same Member, they can be different members of your own family.

The Booking Owner is the Member whose login was used to make the make the booking. The Main Player is the Member who will be present to use the court. Notifications will be sent to both of these family members in accordance with his/her current notification preferences.

If you have added any “Notified Players” to the booking each of these will also receive notifications in accordance with their current notification preferences.

Notified Players & Buddy List

The addition of “Notified Players” to your court bookings is completely optional. The reason you might choose to do this is so that those additional Members can receive automated notifications and reminders for the booking, and also see the booking on their own booking calendars.

By clicking the “ADD NOTIFIED PLAYER” button you can select from a name list containing your own family Members and any other ACC Member who is currently on your “Buddy List”. To show on your Buddy List you must have first set up a Buddy Connection with that Member. Full details of how to set up your own Buddy List can be found on the Buddy List Help Page.

Booking Quotas

The quota requirement for a particular court booking is shown on the booking detail page. If a particular court booking requires quota usage and the relevant Member does not have sufficient quota remaining you will not be able to make the booking. For full details of how the quotas operate please refer to the tennis and squash booking rules.

Quota units become available for use again immediately after the slot they have been used for has expired, or when a quota-booking slot has been cancelled.

Waiting List

When all courts within a time slot are occupied an automated waiting list may be activated for the slot. This allows you to add a waiting list request to a queue, and if a court cancellation occurs the request at the top of the list is allocated the court booking.

You should not create a waiting list entry unless you are able to use the court if it is allocated to you. If you do not cancel, or use such an “auto-allocated” booking you will still be charged the normal No-Show penalty fee.

If a waiting list is available for a particular court slot the slot header time value (e.g. “07:00”) will be an orange-colored clickable link with a special waiting list icon being displayed beside it (default slot header values are non-clickable black text).
To add an entry to the waiting list click on the slot’s header time value. To create your waiting list request you should fill out all the same details you would provide for a court booking.

When you create your waiting list you will see how many other entries are already on the same waiting list. When you return to the booking calendar you will see your waiting list entry indicated by the court slot time header being colored in red.

If you return to your waiting list entry later you will see your current position in the list. If you are allocated a court following a cancellation your waiting list information will be transferred in directly as your booking.

To cancel a waiting list request, click on the “CANCEL WAITING LIST PLACE” link (red text) as shown below:
Please note that if all courts within a slot are occupied by Club sessions the waiting list function will not activate for that slot.

Waiting List & Late-Availability Slots

Please note that the waiting list feature works differently for court cancellations that occur within 12 hours of the slot time.

  • If a court booking is cancelled within 12 hours of the slot time and you are on the waiting list for that slot a booking will not be auto-allocated for you.
  • Instead you will receive a “LATE AVAILABILITY” notification (by email and/or SMS according to your notification preferences).
  • This notification will inform you of the late-availability slot, but will not make the booking for you.
  • This is to avoid allocation of bookings with a notice period that is too short.
  • Please note that this “LATE AVAILABILITY” notification is sent to all Members who are on the waiting list for that slot, and the vacant court is also bookable by any Member who might see see it on the booking calendar.
  • It is important that you therefore act quickly to book the slot if you are still able to utilize it when the “LATE AVAILABILITY” notification is received.

Club Sessions

If a court is pre-booked for a Club activity it will show a brief description of the activity and will not be clickable.

Questions and Answers

Q. Do I have to make my own bookings?
Definitely not. We hope you will find our online booking facility easy and convenient, but it is completely optional. If you prefer you can continue to make all your bookings via the Pro Shop – this service will not change. Regardless of how you book you will still benefit from the convenience of automated booking notifications and a summary of all your current bookings on the website.

Q. Can I add myself to a waiting list for a specific court (e.g. Tennis Court 1)?
No, the waiting list operates at the level of the time slot, so the first request on the list will be allocated to whichever court becomes available first.

Q. How do I know if a particular court booking will use my quota?
The short answer is that all court bookings require quota-usage except for tennis bookings made on the same day, but the booking detail page will confirm exactly whether quota will be used, and which Member’s quota will be used. For full details about booking quotas you should refer to the full tennis and squash booking rules.

Q. If I receive an “auto-allocation” booking from the waiting list will my quota be used?
This will depend on when the auto-allocation happens. Time of auto-allocation is taken to be time of your booking and quota requirement will be as it would for any other court booking made at that time.

Q. How can my child make his/her own court booking?
There is no problem with making a booking for a child. Simply select the child’s name on the “Main Player” drop-down when making the booking. Currently only Primary and Spouse Members are issued with logins for the ACC website so if making a self-service booking one of those logins will have to be used. Bookings for children can of course also be made by making a booking request at the Pro Shop as before.

Q. Can a Child Member receive booking notifications?
Typically we do not have contact details (email address or mobile phone number) on file for Child Members. However, if you wish to provide us with either or both of those items of information we can add these to the child’s Member record. Once on file you can log into the ACC website using either your Primary or Spouse login and go to your ‘Booking Notifications’ page. Scrolling down past the Primary or Spouse information on that page you will also find the details of your children. Once the contact information is displayed there you simply need to select email and/or mobile phone as the preferred communication method. Thereafter any time the child is included on a booking by name he/she will also receive notifications. We will also be happy to help you with the whole setup process if you prefer – you simply need to provide us with the contact details and provide us with your request to arrange the necessary setup.