Club Committee Recruitment (Expired)

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A Call for Volunteers to Serve on Club Committees

Club Committees are an important conduit for Member feedback and play an important role advising Management. The skills that volunteers bring to committee work can also complement and supplement the expertise that exists on staff, resulting in greater efficiency, better decision making and an improved club experience for all Members. This is an open call for volunteers to join the following club committees:


Finance – Oversees the Club’s finances and serves as the Club’s audit committee.  Recommends policies and procedures to improve financial reporting and controls while ensuring the long-term financial health of the Club.

Food & Beverage – Represents our diverse Membership in providing feedback and making recommendations to the Food and Beverage Team to maximize Member enjoyment of our dining outlets.

Sports – Represents the diverse users of our sports facilities in providing feedback and making recommendations to the Sports Team to maximize Member enjoyment.

House – Advises Management and the Maintenance Team on maintenance and capital improvements, approves the Capital budget and oversees major Capital projects.

Rules – Recommends rules to balance the diverse and often conflicting needs of our Membership to maximize enjoyment for all.  Handles Member discipline cases.

MIS – Advises Management and the IT Team on information technology matters including the card access system, club management software, booking programs, etc.

Social Committee – Working with Management, the Social Committee develops, promotes and helps to implement a calendar of social events to engage and delight the various segments of our diverse Membership.

Art Committee – The Art Committee oversees the changing exhibits of art at the Club, advises on permanent artwork and – in concert with Staff – organizes art-related events.

Sales & Marketing Committee – This ad hoc Committee works with Management to improve the marketing of Club events, programs, activities and services to the various demographic groups in the Membership.

If you would like to volunteer to serve, please send an email to including:

  1. A brief outline of your experience and expertise
  2. Your interest in a particular Committee and why you would like to serve on this Committee

Your participation will help to provide a pool of volunteers for 2019 and beyond for both Club Committees and the Board of Governors.  Thank you, in advance, for your interest.

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Ken Chen