Hair & Spa Promotions – September & October (Expired)

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  1. Book a full head color treatment to receive a one-time color freeze hair masque for home use.
  2. Anti-Loss Hair Treatment

Designed for those who have receding hairlines, thinning hair, or hair loss problems and would like to maintain their hair density and take defensive action against future hair thinning and loss. You must try it.

  1. Hair Frizz-Free Treatment with a Smoother, Softer, Straighter, Shinier Look (S4)

‘S4 Hair Treatment‘ offers a natural, gentle, alternative permanent-free and methanol-free care to those who want to smooth their hair and have it easy to manage, particularly in high humidity environments such as we experience in Taiwan.  Results last around 3 months with the first application and appropriate maintenance. Consult with your ACC stylist for further information.


ACC’s Hair & Spa team provides you with a comprehensive all-you-need service with just a one-time visit. You must come and indulge.


For details and to make an appointment, please call 2885-8260 ext.578 or direct line 2886-5912

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