ACC Online Library

You can now browse the ACC Library and keep track of your checked-out items online!

A detailed explanation of all the functions is available on the Library Help page, but here is a summary of the new features you will find. Remember that some of these features will only be visible once you log into the ACC website.

ACC Online Library Features At a Glance:

General Features

  1. Search or browse ACC’s book catalog.
  2. View details of a particular title.
  3. Check the status of an item (available or checked-out).
  4. Find the shelf location and ACC ID of the item.
  5. Hot Library Items list.

Logged-In Member-Only Features

  1. Track the items checked-out to your family.
  2. Receive reminders by email and/or SMS before and on item Due dates.
  3. Renew items online.


Searching the Book Catalog

A Library Search page has been added to the ‘Club Services’ area of the website. Here are some snapshots of how the new search function works:

Book Search:


Applying your desired set of search criteria will return a set of book matches which you can then browse through (clicking into an item in the result list will display a detail page for the item).

Most books will include an image of the cover, and synopsis of the story/contents, as well as other useful information (Author / Release Date etc.).

For each item you can also see the shelf location of the item, and whether it is currently available or checked-out:


We recommend that you log into the website prior to using these features, as more information and functions will then be available to you. For example, items checked out to your family will be shown as below, and you will also be able to renew most items yourself online (online renewals are one-time only, and latest new books are excluded):


Keeping Track of Items Checked-Out to Your Family

When logged in you will see a new section on certain pages titled “My Library Items”:


This will show on the Library pages, and when you are in the Members-Only section. This lists all items checked out to any member of your family, with the one due soonest at the top. Note that items due soon, or overdue are highlighted with red text.

If you have a lot of items checked out you may need to follow the ‘View all checked out items’ link to see a full page listing of your items.

Renewing Items Online

When you click into the detail page of any items checked out to you you will usually see the option to renew the item one time yourself online.

Due Date Reminders by Email or SMS

You have the option to receive an automatic reminder notice 2 days prior to due date, and again on the due date itself. To switch these reminders on or off, and to choose the method (email, SMS, or both) you can follow the ‘Library Reminders’ link in the Members-Only section of the site:


We hope you enjoy these new online Library features. Look out for more new interactive features in the coming months!

If You Need More Information About These New Features

Check out the Library Help page, or ask at the Library.

If you don’t have an ACC Website Login yet:

For any inquiries about how to set up your website login please contact ACC Membership on or (02) 2885-8260 ext. 889.