The 10 – Day Plank Challenge in The Fitness Center (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:Fitness Center

Are you ready for a 10 Day Fun PLANK CHALLENGE?

@ The Fitness Center

Join us and come on by to the Fitness Center during January 13 to 22 and our Fitness Trainers will guide you on the Challenge. Compete for the longest PLANK position, watch the leaderboard, to see ACC’s Male and Female Fitness Center Champion Plankers!

What is Plank?

The plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position for the maximum possible time.

The most common plank is the forearm plank which is held in a push-up-like position, with the body’s weight borne on forearms, elbows, and toes.

Why you should do “Plank”?

Planks recruit your entire body to create tension of the core—when done right, they can be really good for keeping your back healthy and strengthening your core muscles.


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