Warm-up the right way, save your joints and ramp up your performance! (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:Fitness Center
Cost:Free event.

Workshop Description:

  • Soft tissue work: using foam rolling technique and vibration platform will release any tension and pressure points to neutralize abnormal muscle tension and restore joint mobility.
  • Dynamic Stretching: A 3D dynamic movement stretching will build up proper movement pattern and control ability so injury risks can be avoided.
  • Co-ordination: All joints move as a whole and great movement quality is the key to utilize strength on court.

Speaker Introduction:

Andrew is a professional Strength and conditioning trainer, specializing in Movement evaluation and correction. He has extensive knowledge on how to prepare the body before a physical activity which he uses on a daily basis with his clients and professional athletes. He frequently conducts professional workshops for trainers and has a wealth of knowledge to share.






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