FREE TRIAL – ZUMBA by Chiara Colognola (Expired)

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Zumba is a fitness program that combines the happy rhythms of Latin music with physical exercise. It is perfect for everyone and everybody! A total body workout with a smile on your face! You DO NOT need to be a professional dancer to come join a class, each move is cued by the instructor and you’ll walk out the class saying “I can dance”!

Instructor – Chiara Colognola

Chiara is an Italian fitness instructor and she has been living in Taiwan for 9 years. After studying languages and a MBA master, she worked in import and logistics before dedicating her time to what she loves most: sport! Zumba came into her life in 2012 and she knew it was the perfect style for her, so she became a full-time instructor in 2018 and later on she got the Strong Nation certification. Her classes are in Taipei, in Taiyuan area, and also at some special events in Taiwan. Her view about fitness and health is holistic: Zumba brings in happiness with endorphins while Strong pushes the body’s limits, but healthy habits are what create a sustainable good life! )

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