Charles Lee

Basketball coach

I started to play basketball when I was a kid, and was in the school basketball teams in high school and college. I still play in the amateur basketball league, and have won many individual awards such us Scoring title, Assist title, MVP…etc. Now I am a basketball trainer and sport psychology consultant, I’ve trained a lot of elite players including China NBL, Taiwan SBL, Taiwan University Basketball Division level 1-3 players, I’ve also trained elementary school, junior high school and high school basketball team players.

I believe playing basketball not only provides entertainment, intense body contacts, and physical activity but also builds up our mentality and attitude, learning how to face setbacks, embrace frustration and improve oneself.

My training will focus on the fundamental moves such as ball handling, manipulating and players offensive skills such as crossover moves, footwork, shooting and different ways to finish the rim.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Chinese Taipei Basketball Association- Basketball coach
  • Society for sport and exercise psychology of Taiwan-Sport psychology consultant
  • DunXu High School of Industry and Commerce-Basketball team
  • Aletheia University-Basketball team

Trained players


  • Super Basketball League player
  • China National Basketball League player


  • University Basketball Association player
  • Junior High School Basketball League player
  • Amateur League basketball player